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Game Day Thread -Eagles at Redskins

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Just now, KDawg said:



Youre getting offended, but you’ve been saying Haskens in every post and I assumed it was a joke considering his name is on his jersey.



No man.  I'm not at all. 


Just having fun responding to fellow football fans, discussing team growth, scheme and plays.


Most importantly pulling for the Skins and for you to never ever stop laughing.

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1 minute ago, OVCChairman said:

incomplete pass, still an absolutely STUPID play by Bostic, wtf are you running for, juking like a damn RB.  

he wasn't even gaining any ground, he was moving in the the wrong direction at the time. 


Lucky for him, the play never happened. 

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1 minute ago, Dissident2 said:

Who didn't see that fumble coming the way that idiot was carrying the ball? What is wrong with these guys? So dumb. Looks like it might be a pass, though. Maybe we'll catch a break.

Between him and Nicholson we probably have the lowest football IQ in the league.

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