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Who is Nate Orchard ? The heartwarming story that will make you a bigger fan.

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Nate won over a lot of fans today with his strong presence collapsing the passing pocket and running game.

In the NFL, he's been a bit of a journeyman, but maybe he's a late bloomer, especially if utilized correctly.

But here's the backstory that will make you root for him even more.

He was on the verge of homelessness. And Orchard isn't even his "real" name. His given surname was "Fakahafua", however, to honor the Orchard family who "adopted" him at 13 and inspired him, he took on their name.

Fun fact : Nate once intercepted an Alex Smith pass when Alex was at KC, and Nate at Cleveland. Video of that is in the 2nd link below.

Get 'em Nate !







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Sounds like a great guy.  I believe he was featured on the Browns Hard Knocks.  What Browns fans say is he's high motor but he had issues closing.  It would look like he had a for sure sack and the QB would bounce off him, or he'd have a RB for a TFL and the RB would bounce off him.  

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