Game Day Thread - Redskins at Putty Cats (North Cackalacky Version)

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1 minute ago, dc1 said:

That telling.  

Maybe you should pull for the Broncos.  😜

I very much believe it's an improvement. He entered this game with 2 TDs to 6 Ints. Not playing like trash is a step up, because that's what he started at. Today he has played statistically mediocre (I say statistically because I haven't been able to watch the game live), which is better than before. Hopefully, he'll be playing outright well by the end of the season.


For the record, I am pulling for the Broncos. They have 3 wins, I want them to get their fourth so we can get a better draft pick.

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7 minutes ago, dyst said:

Haskins hasn’t been great but he didn’t lose the game for us. 

Be fair. If Sprinkle can catch the Ball, Haskins has close to 500 yards and 8 touchdowns.


Seriously though, Haskins numbers were really hurt by about six really awful drops.

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2 minutes ago, SoCalSkins said:

Dude is .500 as a starter and 2-0 in last 2 starts. Gotta give him some props. I am beyond surprised with his play today. Dude stepped up big time over where he was. I still don’t think he’s the answer at all but he definitely deserves some props.


Man I’m proud of you. You tell the California Bar they are doing some good things down there 👍 

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