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Best Burgers (Burgery Goodness,The Sequel)

Spaceman Spiff

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Milwaukee has this joint called Sobelmans,  has a signature burger with jalapeños.


And if your into chicken, you can get a side of Bloody Mary with it.


(Five Guys is the best)


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I like In N Out but can understand how it gets all hyped up as God's greatest creation to those back East and then those folks might be disappointed when they finally have it.


Where InO destroys Five Guys is in value. You can still get a InO double double, fries, and drink for $7 plus tax (I think). That same meal at 5G is probably going to set you back close to $15. 

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Old Line in Beltsville is my go to. The place used to be a Circuit City and now it’s a massive Beer-Wine-Booze store with a little restaurant in the back.

Delicious burgers and fries (regular, truffle, sweet potato) etc. and they plop down on the table a bootleg mambo sauce and a jalapeño mayo sauce. 

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