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Just now, Voice_of_Reason said:

The only thing that matters from here on out is Bruce getting fired.


If that doesn’t happen at some point, then there is no hope. 


You know it's not going to work as long as Dan owns the team.  Bruce is simply an extension of Dan.

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5 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:


Do you realize that you don't actually say anything in your posts, or make any arguments, expand on any in-depth points? You just disagree with people and say they're wrong, you're right. 

Okay, So clearly you haven't read my post(s).


And or don't realize that we are in a game thread


Or fail to appreciate that there is absolutely zero analysis in anyone's post within a game thread. 


However if you are referring to my lite assessment of the INT then you are wrong as I was likely the only one who outlined the play and throw (At a cursory level of course).


Regardless, I do appreciate you and all Skins fans that choose to hang around in this difficult period.

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