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Just now, ConnSKINS26 said:


Such a sad thing to read. Just a last gasp of desperation for the Gibbs II era, our last attempt at respectable mediocrity. 

And ..I stand by my sad but meaningful wish.   😓

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Manusky has the intelligence of a gorilla, perhaps less.  Rushing 3 or 4 every time when the opponent QB is known to make mistakes under pressure.  Not to mention the constant and continuous confusion in the secondary.  They are better off playing man to man, direct coverage for 3-4 seconds.  

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Every coach, trainer, and medical person is a Bruce Allen hire. To think that Kevin or anyone else currently riding this ship should be retained next year is asinine. If I didn't know better, I'd say this is virtually Jay's offense. Run on first down, hope for the best after that. You're 1-8. WTF are you looking to do by even having a game plan. Its obvious your game plan has somehow made it the opposing defenses laptop. Its as predictable as the horrible experience at a FedEx. Hell, I think I've got the play list on my laptop. I really don't but the point is, it really doesn't matter. They don't run play action, run screens, nobody goes in motion other than #15 and you're not setting up match ups. Damn this team and I mean that with all sincerity. At this point, I don't believe I'll feel one way or another if/when they fire Bruce. Even if Dan sells the team. Its over. I've accepted the fact that the Redskins are not really the storied franchise the narrative speaks of. They had a few good years over the 88 seasons. But all in all, its been laughable. Its why guys like Gibbs, Theisman and Diesel are still relevant folk in these parts. I like them all, make no mistake. But winning teams have those guys for homecomings - not for pregames and marketing efforts. I like CP and Cooley, but they weren't perennial winners. Fact is Gibbs and that era are getting older, so the Redskins really have no choice but to have CP and Cooley as their guys. But rest assured, neither can speak to winning football with authority. This **** is sad. 

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