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2 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:


Great organization, good coach who buys into analytics, who players believe in. Lots of talent including a QB who is destroying the league. 

If they actually win the Super Bowl they would easily be the DMV’s team, they would have as many SB trophies in 25 years as the Damn Good Culture has in their history in DC

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Just now, SoCalSkins said:

Gregg can hurt us far worse by letting us think there is any hope with Haskins. That’s way more damaging long term...


Doubt he has any interest in that. He'll want to embarrass us at home now and assert dominance. He's not some Machiavellian genius playing the long game lol. 

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Just now, Cooleyfan1993 said:

So, i tried googling who had the record for most quarters without a touchdown at 32, but it doesn’t say which team it was...which team was it? All i can find was that the browns 24 quarters without a TD weren’t close to the 32 quarters.....


anyone wanna help me out here???

I see the same thing.  Trying to find it.

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Gregg Williams speech to his defense at halftime-  Look you guys I want to embarass the hell out of the Skins owner so we need some turnovers that result

in defensive touchdowns.  That little doofus of a Redskins owner needs to leave this game mad as hell.   So defense go out there and kick some major league

you know what....."

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3 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:


A good player being surrounded by **** doesn't make him "just a guy". Despite being overpaid. A SS can only do so much alone, which is why it was not a good signing. 

The defense has taken a significant step back and outside of Norman and Moreau it makes no sense. Jonathan Allen has been quiet, Kerrigan has been awful and losing Reuben Foster was huge. I’m not surprised the offense is struggling but how the defense has played right out of the gates was a massive disappointment.

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