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Have you been shamed for wearing Redskins team gear in public?

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22 minutes ago, Idaho fan said:

Its like the Skins are so bad that now you are a tool if you talk smack about them.  

This is true.  Have co-workers here that support Vikes (of course), Giants & Cowboys.  In prior years we'd talk a lot of smack.  Now they don't even bother with it because we're so pathetic.

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I lived in Boston (Somerville) until late 2018. I got pity from the Pats fans but also some nods from them about how we were a dynasty like they are now. I  would always point out that they should enjoy the present before they get their Dan Snyder. 

Now I live in Scotland. I see other people with Skins gear once or twice a year. Generally we are both sheepishly excited, but also embarrassed. 


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 I'm in S.E. Texas { where men are men and sheep are scared } and there is a plethora of co-workers who back a large group of teams.











At the beginning of the season, most wear their team cap for the first few weeks, then stop if their team is scraping gutters. Of course the Cowboy fans constantly try to beat their chests about their glory years, then everyone gangs up on them until they shut up. Its pretty much a 'kill the man with the ball' scene here.


Most of them ask me why the Redskins are sucking so much, and I tell them " you see that half million dollar plate saw? If you need a piece cut you need someone who knows how to use it". But I still will wear a Redskins jersey when they beat Dallas, and I always get the one-fingered peace sign.

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Not exactly in line w the thread but close enough:


Nice enough day to take my Jeep to the gym.  Also made a pit stop by the bank for some poker money.  Jeep only has a bikini top and I didn’t grab the key to the lockbox.


Next best place to stash it?  Put it inside my Redskins beanie bc hell, nobody is going to take that damn thing.......


It was automatic, I didn’t even hesitate and chuckled when I thought about it later so I guess I shamed my own frigging Skins gear.

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