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Game Thread: Redskins @ Buffalo Bills

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2 minutes ago, Skinsinparadise said:

Yeah I was surprised because Larry is typically the big time optimist.


Larry, Cooley, and Doc were all really negative talking about the game and the team in the 4th quarter.  And they typically aren’t that negative 

At least they get paid to watch them play.  Frankly, they are so bad you couldn't pay me to do it.  I kid.😁

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3 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

Here’s what I would do with Haskins: I would ONLY run hurry-up.  They are easier to call, you don’t have long play calls,  you keep the defense simple.


Id also run a TON of quick game on first downs.  WR screens, slants, quick ins, outs whatever.  

I like JP.  Not as much as Kiem. But I like him. 

Not a Finlay fan at all, he is slightly better than the Jasons.

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6 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

The nasty secret which nobody wants to admit is that not only are they better at it than Callahan and O’Connell are, the are just really good at it in general.  


Dan blew it when he chose Griffin over Mike. 


Agreed there.  I guess my point is, catering a game to a young inexperienced QB is not exactly "revolutionary" as a concept.  In fact quite the opposite it seems like the norm.  When Robert & Russell Wilson, Colin Kapernick were all going off in 2012, look at the plays they were running.  It was primarily a 1st read or throw to the flat, or escape pocket to buy time/maybe run playbook. Period.  There was nothing complex or difficult about designing those schemes.  


With AP rushing the way he is, you are getting a lot of 2nd & shorts.  It should give the offense a lot of options.  You don't have to go full-Brett Favre there and wing it downfield, just design something that moves the sticks.  Remember the Robert to Fred Davis connection that was so money?  Fred Davis fakes a run block for a second, releases, and then catches a short pass over the top that usually would end up going for at least 5 yards of YAC.  That was AS SIMPLE AS SIMPLE gets conceptually, but it works and it helps a rookie QB get into a rhythm.   We've got McLaurin sitting there just waiting to make an impact.  Where is the WR screen?  Where is the short crossing route letting him catch an easy high percentage pass in space and letting him work his way downfield?


There is nothing about this pass offense that suggests it is built for a rookie QB to run it.  

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Just now, Voice_of_Reason said:

So Callahan just said they tried to run some of the same runs in the second half, but the defense adjusted at halftime. 


Mind. Blown. 


I didn’t know teams could do that!!

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24 minutes ago, spjunkies said:


What's the record? I've tried looking it up, but no luck yet.


I don't know the record, but I wouldn't be surprised if it has something to do with the 1977 Tampa Bay Buccaneers.


According to Wikipedia, they only scored eleven touchdowns that year.

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12 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

Callahan just announced he was going to evaluate Case’s health before making a QB decision.  


In other words, if case is healthy after the bye, he’ll start. 


****ing idiotic. I think Haskins did pretty well today considering it was his first start and that the play calling was atrocious. Nothing amazing but he limited his mistakes, was pretty efficient, and made a few nice throws. I saw a good amount of improvement over his previous outings which is really all I was looking for.


But yeah, let's not let our rookie QB continue to develop, let's trot out the semi-injured completely mediocre QB who probably won't even be here next season in the hopes that we might eke out one or two more wins and get ourselves in a position to miss out on the best draft prospects for no reason whatsoever. 

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2 minutes ago, Chris 44 said:

I m at the point where I just want to see someone show some emotion...player, coach, someone throw a chair, yell at a team mate, destroy a trash can. Show your not ok with this crap!


Knowing the Skins it would just end up with a bunch of guys doing something like OBJ.



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