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2 hours ago, NewCliche21 said:

I can't believe how many of you are taking this cluster**** of an organization's side.



I can't believe you're actually condoning that 'Me First' ratbag (that's me being polite on Trent's selfish B/S), down to everyone's natural hatred of those at the top of the organization. 


So I guess we're both at a loss man. Shrugs. 



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15 hours ago, NewCliche21 said:

As others said, this is completely tone deaf.  Find a way to blame the best player you've had over the past decade.

Bruce just can't help but find a better shovel to dig himself even deeper.

Let's presume that Trent is correct, but would not name names. There would need to be an investigation to find who was responsible so that it wouldn't happen again. Let's otherwise presume Trent overreacted, then we need to know that too.  It has nothing to do with taking the side of management, but let's not have this happen again

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21 hours ago, LetThePointsSoar said:



Literally EVERYONE who's been here longer than a few years:



images (2).jpeg



Honestly, whatever percentage of fault lies with Trent and whatever percentage of his statements do not reflect the truth, really matters not to me. Any statement from the organization sounds like the adults in Peanuts/Charlies Brown cartoons. After so many years of "leaks" and attempts to make former players or personnel look bad to the point of defamation, I have zero interest in the truth and care not if the FO is unfairly mailigned - it's karma to me.


This organization has display every petty trait of organizations that care not one whit about greatness. It exudes a toxic culture of incompetence, fear, and futility. I have been in organizations like this in my professional life and the Washington Redskins are mirror image of my experiences. The one absolute commonality among those organizations?  - the chief executive and/or owner. It starts with the top down.


Trent could be lying about it all, and I would not care. This organization deserves no sympathy, benefit of the doubt, or reasonable analysis as long as current owner and chief executive are in place.


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