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Suggest Name Change for Extremeskins Stadium Forum

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I think we should rename it to The Stadium. We should also add another forum called The Other Stadium. This is where people like the OP can hang out instead. This way the The Stadium can be for people who want to talk about actual Redskins football. Like ES used to be. 

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Well, you'd { generally speaking } want to have it where it somewhat resembles the original name, so glancing at it wouldn't be easily noticed.

With that being said, I give you:



Being most of the talk is about the 'assholes', it fits.

When Bruce talks, it would be considered 'farting', and when referring to Snyder he would be known as 'the little turd'.

The stadium could be re-named 'the toilet', where all careers are flushed away.

The defense would be known as the 'Charmin Roll', the offense could be called the 'Floaters'.

In place of Gatorade, players would turn to Milk of Magnesia.


ok I gotta stop, I'm getting to depressed...


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The Team Doctor's office?


Totally Knows Everything About Head Growths Doctors Office?


Too far, sorry.  How bout: Dan's Brothel.  Ah damnit, that's also too far.  How bout Dan's ol' Peanuts and Beer.  


Nah let's settle for Dan's Chuckle Hut.  Cuz we're all just laughing at this point.


Sorry fellas I've been drinkin.  Was a late Halloween.  That peanuts and beer thing actually sounds good right now.

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8 hours ago, Gibbs Hog Heaven said:

Can we file this one under 'Not all thoughts that are funny in our heads should be threads?' 



Well that is 2 that don't like it. Guess a consensus has been reached. Lock the Thread!

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