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Who should be the next GM?

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Don't be surprised to see Morocco Brown back in Ashburn.


Also, this charade that the team president is pulling with the stadium.......man, man, man. If the owner is that gullible, then I just don't know what to say. He is not indispensable for getting a stadium deal. There are any number of political heavyweights who would be willing to go to bat for the Skins, whether in VA, MD, or in DC. None.........NONE of the officials in those areas have a positive perspective on our team president. They all view him as a slug who has latched on to Snyder and has enjoyed staying power because of his legacy name. They're not wrong.

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It's going to be Doug Williams.  It shouldn't be, but it will be.  Dan is forever stuck in nostalgia mode and thinks this is going to be the ultimate "reveal" to get people excited.


Too bad for the fanbase.  He'd rather keep losing "his way" than win by doing what every other team in the league does and hire the most qualified people for the job.  All flash, no substance.


In his mind he needs to have someone with a "recognizable name", and then try and TEACH them the job of GM.  He thinks he needs to sell a name to the fans that they remember and just hope they are competent at a job that has nothing to do with what they are famous for.  


Instead, he needs to hire someone whose name is famous from being a successful GM.  Not a player, not the son of a coach, not a media talking head.


If he wanted a GM, he'd hire someone who is a GM.  He wants a yes man, so he'll hire a "face" that he can market as a GM, and then cross his fingers that this person will somehow be halfway competent at the job despite not being qualified.

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Bruce has got to be gone to give this franchise a breath of fresh air and new direction. Would Todd McShay make a good GM??? Honestly I don't know if McShay is a good candidate or not, but the Raiders went a similar direction when they choose Mike Mayock to be their GM.


Maybe something like this??


General Manager - Todd McShay

Vice President of Player personnel - Promote Kyle Smith so we don't loose him, and have him still be in charge of scouting operations.

Coach - Urban Myer.


I want the GM to make the final call on the coaching hire.  If our GM likes Meyer, and Meyer wanted to be here that sure would seem like a good fit with us having Haskins, and potentially Chase Young with the #2 pick. 


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I was thinking about this in the Next Coach thread with regards to Callihan, but how much loyalty to Bruce do guys like Doug, Santos and Smith have? Like, I've been assuming that Bruce just buts his head into meetings and offers his opinion where its not needed but what if they really like to bounce ideas off him or something like that or if they are close how likely is it that we name Smith as GM and he still has Bruce as a consultant? Or even worse, what if they made Bruce the analytics guy?

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I like Kyle Smith a lot and would like to see him stay on as GM but Dan Morgan as GM and basically in the same position as Smith has been around some decent talent with the likes of John Scheider and with the Bills.  They've had decent drafts since Dermott took over as HC so if we are not going with Smith, I'd be open to Morgan.   

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I know nothing about this Morgan character other than that he fits ALL the criteria I have always had for a potential GM pick, in my wildest dreams when I would imagine a future where Dan allowed a "real" GM pick who wasn't just a nepotism hire.


Naturally fans have less overt knowledge about these up-and-coming personnel guys, as they work in the background, don't really get media access, and are usually buried under their own GM and sometimes other executives on the totem pole--and yet plugged in NFL guys are connected enough to know their reputations. These are the types I have ALWAYS wished we would pursue--lieutenant talent evaluator types from proven scouting trees, who came up right and earned the shot at putting together their own roster. 


1. He's worked his way up inside of competent organizations--check. A Beane protege who also worked under Schneider in SEA.

2. Talent evaluator rather than just admin type--check.

3. His best days still in front of him--check, he's worked in (so far) successful FO's but he hasn't been the guy yet.

4. Philosophy that meshes with the HC he'd be scouting/acquiring players for--check. 

5. Winning pedigree--check. He has been immersed in winning cultures and knows what those buildings feel like.

6. Not a "comfort" or nepotism hire--check. This one can be hard, because guys are naturally more likely to want to work with people they've worked with before and football is so insular that lots of guys, even qualified ones, first got promotions due to who they know. But this guy has a good rep that Rivera respects while still having a degree of separation--they haven't worked directly together before so it is still more of a professional interest for business reasons rather than a personal comfort thing, which is how these types of matches should be made assuming generally compatible personalities.


Now I know this guy isn't necessarily going to be the pick. And I too have been impressed with Kyle Smith's drafts. But it's just encouraging that a guy LIKE this might be on the shortlist. The fact that a guy like this is even on our radar is not something that would have happened in past regimes under Snyder, despite how long we've all begged for an up-and-coming scout type from a franchise like the Ravens, Steelers, etc. It seems so obvious and yet here we are. 

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It sounds like the Skins are keeping the existing draft/pro personnel team at least through the draft--makes sense since they're already at work on their board etc.


My guess is that Snyder would hire an operations VP or someone like that above the GM level in the near term and then decide on the personnel folks after the draft. There are a lot of ways Snyder and Rivera could structure the organization.

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Eric Schaffer is pretty damn good at contracts, but I think he was fond of Bruce. Him leaving means we need a contract guy, someone who's extremely good with numbers. 


It does open the door for Kyle Smith, who I'd like us to promote to GM. I think we have drafted very well under him, we just haven't had the coaches to utilize their talents. 

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14 minutes ago, lavar1156 said:

I really hope Kyle Smith gets the job. Don't want him to end up somewhere else and be awesome.

Rivera will have a say. My guess, we poach the Panthers for some of the new personnel guys.

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I should be the next GM...when it came to decision making time I write them down on pieces of paper and put them in a hat than come here to es and have members draw from the hat and go with what they select..excellent pr move too!!

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