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Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

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Seeing AP in a Redskins uniform on the sideline just feels so 2000. And it makes me realize how much we haven't changed. Even Gibbs and Shanahan thought they could fix it. Nobody. 

Were a garbage franchise now and we were once so proud and fun.


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2 minutes ago, Vanguard said:


Pointless and false.


Its 2019 and you're railing against the one thing that makes the NFL the most popular sport in America despite the fact it's objectively gotten worse for the last decade now, as a product--that one thing is fantasy football. Trust me, I'm right and you're wrong, and a billion dollar industry agrees. You're in a tiny minority. 

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35 minutes ago, Vanguard said:

Youre a Redskins fan.  And you start Cousins?   This is why i will never play fantasy.

Yes, I don't let emotions get in the way of good matchups.  Plus the QB I drafted is on IR.


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the D HAS showed some grit even though they are overmatched.  i liked the hustle of the d line.

AP ran hard.

16,9 and 19 pts given up the past 3.. much better than the first 4 weeks..


unfortunately the O is regressing.

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Bruce will tell Dan this is another win, after what the rest of us know is another putrid performance.  The Vikings were so unimpressed and unconcerned with us they basicallyj ust ran the last 30 plays because they knew we couldnt do anything.


First time in 15 years a defense didnt force the Vikings to punt.


News flash, the defense did NOT play well, the defense gave up over 400 yards and would have given up 26-30 points if the Vikings cared to score or didnt kill a couple drives with holding penalties.  Almost every drive they drove the length of the field.

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2 minutes ago, Rufus T Firefly said:

The Dolphins surrendering on that 2 point conversion is another really terrible thing that happened to this franchise, that people won't really recognize as such.

I see it as terrible. Other teams can intentionally tank, but a team too stupid to do so like us suffers the most. Could be staring at a true franchise changer right now at 0-8. Instead we'll potentially trade the farm to do so 

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