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Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

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 They showed Haskins earlier on tv, when he first came in, and he was on the bench sitting, not looking at any photos or plays or even taking with anyone.

 No QB will learn that way, but I think he's a foregone conclusion, and the only person that can save him is Snyder, which will prob happen, so we're stuck with this wannabe QB.

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Just now, caysdad1 said:

The Vikings look flawed, but according to the announcers they are ready to make a move in the post season. Just watch if they get into the ost season they will be one and done

I am so sick of joe suck. Have to listen to him fawn all over the Yankees and Nationals in the Astros playoff games

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1 minute ago, cougs said:

I don’t believe KOC is calling his game plan. I think he is calling the plays but it is heavily being suggested by Callahan. 

This. Plus how do you evaluate KOC with the talent we have put there.

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1 minute ago, dyst said:

Snyder is such an awful ****ing nfl owner. Please sell the team.

he will NEVER sell that team.   His interview in 2009 talked about how the worse it gets, the MORE he wants to "right the ship".  He will NEVER sell it.  Only hope is he just is so embarrassed of his own failure (picking what players should be drafted, they've all failed, picking which QBs should play, they've all been wrong) that he doesnt want to be wrong again and he gives someone else full control.  but i dont see that happening either.

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