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Game Night Thread- Skins at Vikes

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Haskins a first round pick. Way to go Danny. This is just incompetency at the highest level. WE have to draft a QB again next year and that is a fact. You can count on Danny and Bruce to pick someone everybody else knows is not up to the job. 

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Are there no slants, hook routes, come-back routes in this offense?  3rd & 5, rookie QB.....why are they not running some 3 step drops, THROW type of plays.   Shoot, RG3 ran a gimmicky offense in college, but the Shanahan's were smart enough to know the kind of plays to cater to what he could do as a rookie QB. 


I am not claiming Haskins is good, or "ready" for this job. Maybe he never will be.  But this play calling with him in there is just dumb stuff.

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Just now, NoCalMike said:

It's 3rd & 5, not 3rd & 20, why is the play call not something quick?  


This is just dumb. 

Doesn’t particularly matter. He’s skiddish back there and jittery. He’s holding the ball too long and allowing his mechanics to continue to be rough. He held that longer than he had to. 

He’s having his “I’m seeing ghosts out there” moment.

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