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Coaching Wars Episode VII - The Shanny Strikes Back aka Skins vs 9ers Game Day Thread

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Just now, Yng Lady88 said:

that drop by Richardson hurt. low throw but went right through his arms. he has really been the Invisible Man this season? 


an no targets to Terry all game?


those were the only two passes of the game

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Due to the weather this has the makings of the better team slowly wearing down the bad team, doing nothing to press the issue and leave with a sloppy victory.


The weather right now is the factor most in favor of keeping it a close game.


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Just now, Llevron said:

so do y’all want us to win or lose? 


I know now that’s a funny question but given the current circumstances......


i wanted them them to lose last week. I would be happy with a win this week. 


1-15 isn't going to hurt my feelings  :)

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