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Coaching Wars Episode VII - The Shanny Strikes Back aka Skins vs 9ers Game Day Thread

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Just now, ksun247 said:

Don't stop pounding the rock until they prove they can consistently stop it. #HTTR


They just did stop it. Didn't get in the endzone, missed 39-yarder, 49ers get field position as if they received the opening kickoff in a shorter game. 


Only hope is that we started to soften up/tire out the defense. 

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I don't mind this "run on every down until you can't" 1st drive, but it won't hold up as the game goes on.  Maybe Callahan wanted to try and make a statement with the O-line on the opening drive? Fine, ok....but now you better have some more tricks in the bag.  


And poof goes the 3 points.  



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1 minute ago, NoCalMike said:

What in the world was that kind of play on 3rd down? Why would you run something so slow developing against this defense?

 If that is the best our offensive coordinator can do on third down then we do not need him as the head coach.  Terrible play call.

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Just now, Llevron said:

I don’t understand why they didn’t call any play action. Waste of a set up to me (I know nothing) 


I say this every week, but PA doesn't even require a setup to work. At all. It just works. But yeah, you'd think that our coaches think they're setting up the PA pass on a future 1st down even though they don't need to. Hopefully we connect.

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