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Coaching Wars Episode VII - The Shanny Strikes Back aka Skins vs 9ers Game Day Thread

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Just now, ConnSKINS26 said:


Maybe you'll be right today, but their running game is much better than ours and their RB rotation is pretty much interchangeable in its dominance. I expect Breida to start breaking chunk plays soon

maybe, but Coleman and Breida don't scare me as much as Kyle's running scheme does. 


But as I say this it looks like we need to get more going because our running game is looking like nothing

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2 minutes ago, Thinking Skins said:

I like the way this game is starting out. Nothing special, but AP is getting into a groove. Bosa is a beast, but it seems like he's been the only guy to stop AP. But I love the running game because it tires them out and his 3 and 4 yard runs right now become 7 and 8 yard runs in the 3rd quarter. 


Neither team is passing well, so I think this is going to be a run the ball game, especially with this weather. 


Good stop there by Kerrigan and Maty Ice. 

Except the 49ers adjusted and have knocked AP out of rhythm.


Bill/Kevin need to throw in a few passes on first to give AP his running room back.

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2 minutes ago, Voice_of_Reason said:

So I don’t think Callahan is a great coach.  But the one thing he does better than Jay by miles is he schemes to his players strengths rather than trying to fit players to his scheme.

He is much better HC then Jay..Jay was a total clown!

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3 minutes ago, Thinking Skins said:

beauty is in the eye of the fan because this is a beautiful 80s style game that I love. I may not take our team over their team, but I think I'll take AP over their running game. 


The forward pass existed in the 80s.  lol

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