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Coaching Wars Episode VII - The Shanny Strikes Back aka Skins vs 9ers Game Day Thread

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Just now, clskinsfan said:

IO with the wiff. But man that guy has turned into a serious pass rusher.

Your not a serious pass rusher until you dont get owned by Jimmy and miss the sack! Man redskins fans have been conditioned to like players that almost make a big plays...not me anymore!

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This is classic Good team vs. Bad team game where the weather is giving the bad team a better opportunity to make this a contested contest.


The 49ers don't look any better right now on the scoreboard or yardage-wise or time of possession, but they find ways to keep the sticks moving.  Washington had 1 trick they kept going back to the well with on the opening drive, it resulted in zero points.

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This isn't going to be a high scoring game, but I don't think the Skins will have much of a chance. SF will just grind us down on offense, probably get a TD or two and they'll keep stopping us on defense. The run run run run run run run run shovel pass thing isn't going to work. 

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