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13 hours ago, HoggLife said:

I think its mostly how we use him. He isnt good at jamming the reciever but also playing him like we did Carlos Rodgers, 20 yards off the line of scrimmage isnt the best idea either.  Play him to his strengths and he is a team leader and completes to the best of his abilities.  


He can't run.  No system can hide this glaring weakness.  He has become just another guy who got over paid by the Redskins.

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16 minutes ago, SemperFi Skins said:

Saints and Eagles both wanted to trade for Ramsey... Call them and see what they'd give for Norman. They're obviously shopping...

Ask for Dallas Goedert straight up....young TE who is not working out for the Eagles. 

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5 hours ago, kingdaddy said:

I really believe some other team would take a chance on Norman for three reasons:

1). They could justify that he's part of a bad scheme here in DC and that they could put him in better spots to succeed.

2). He was once a top CB in the league and those are tough to find. 

3). Playing on a better team will motivate him to play better.

Definitely see if any team has interest and then deal him before just releasing him. I could see New England scooping him up in a heartbeat...Eagles too. 



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1 minute ago, kingdaddy said:

Why, cause you don't like Goedert or you don't think the Eagles would do it? I can tell you that they are DESPERATE for corners and without making changes they know they are doomed. 

Because Philly is high on him, they wouldn’t give him up for a guy they just burnt repeatedly to crawl out of a 17 point deficit. Philly needs Josh to be a Redskin when we play them again.


I’m bullish on DG, I’d throw a pick to swipe him from Philly.




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On 10/15/2019 at 12:24 PM, Redskins Reparations said:


My concern is he has been getting beat deep but I am curious how he would fair with the play in front of him?

you'd think it's alot like playing zone which he's pretty good at ... and I don't think he's slow.  I'd pay to see that experiment

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