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15 minutes ago, SkinsFTW said:



But should be in ATN.


3 minutes ago, XxSpearheadxX said:

But i put the Raljon maryland tag so it is explicitly skins related. That is the part of Prince Georges county that The Stadium is in, isn't it? 

@SkinsFTW is right, this should’ve went in the ATN. The tags don’t matter. 

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As an Eagles fan, all I can really say is "Meh". He didn't really do too much this year. Pretty much invisible out there, except for a couple boneheaded penalties. 


It does kind of suck that the Eagles signed two veteran linebackers in the offseason to theoretically stabilize a fairly weak group, and both were axed before the midway point of the season. Gonna have to try to get by with smoke and mirrors at linebacker the rest of the way. Not too encouraging when your pass rush can't deliver and your cornerbacks can't cover. 

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