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Redskins vs 49ers Prediction Thread: Parental Advisory: Violence, Destruction

Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins in this battle of 2 storied franchises?

    • Redskins
    • 49ers
    • I want Kyle to give Snyder and Allen the middle finger
    • Tie ? yes, and Scarlett Johannsen and Margot Robbie are making a sandwich out of me

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6 minutes ago, c slag said:

The only thing that the Redskins have in their favor is a West coast team that has to travel across the country and play a 1pm Eastern time game 

San Francisco 34

Washington 17

This ran across my mind..hopefully it works in the skins advantage with the players possibly being jet lagged 

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Scherff is back and played a full game..the left side looks solid..second week in from the interim coach..maybe the line gels enough to make a statement and ap has a big game...Landon collins gets his first pick, defense(norman)gives up a big play other than that the d suprises some folks and holds there own...I can dream lol

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The "How to win this game" blue print I assume is stack the box to stop the run. Put a safety over the top of Kittle.  Force Jimmy G to be the catalyst of the offense.  Is the Redskins defense capable of executing that plan? No, not really.   The 49ers defense is a beast. I actually could see this as a low scoring 10-3 type of game at half time, but our defense will be on the field so long that they likely wear down and the 49ers pull away, Redskins end up having to go pass happy which just feeds into the 49ers defense and the game ends up 28-10 or worse.   As good as the 49ers look I think they will struggle once they start facing teams that give their run game troubles.  It ain't happening this week though.,

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This game just feels like a loss, and like the Redskins get beat handily.  

Close in the first half, 13-10 Niners lead.  2nd half adjustments blow our doors off per usual.  Callahan continues to try and run as we fall behind, and we swallow a 37-13 butt beating.

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This will be a blood bath.  We should have lost to the worst team in NFL history last week.  Now we get a team that is destroying other teams.  Kyle Shanahan, a guy we never should have just dumped when we dumped his father, will run riot over us.  


41-10 to the good guys.  Redskins lose again.

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