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Redskins vs 49ers Prediction Thread: Parental Advisory: Violence, Destruction

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Who wins?  

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  1. 1. Who wins in this battle of 2 storied franchises?

    • Redskins
    • 49ers
    • I want Kyle to give Snyder and Allen the middle finger
    • Tie ? yes, and Scarlett Johannsen and Margot Robbie are making a sandwich out of me

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 When: Sunday October 20th  1:00 p.m.

Where: FedEx Stadium


This Sunday the Redskins welcome the San Francisco 49ers to FedEx Field to battle, and maybe the term 'battle' may be a wee bit too strong.

Kyle Shanahan is coming home. Hide your children, lock your doors, and whatever you do, do NOT peep through a window looking for hope.  This is what people refer to as a 'perfect storm', and it could get downright ugly very quickly.


The 49ers hold a 20-11-1 head-to-head advantage, with a 4-1 advantage in the last 5, with the Redskins winning the last meeting.

The 49ers also hold a 3-1 post-season advantage.


This past Sunday, the 49ers took a short trip to L.A. and made short work of the Rams, beating them soundly 20-7, and maintain their status as the only unbeaten NFC team.

One word describes the 49ers, and that is defense. They are #2 in overall power ranking, with a nasty defense that has not given up more than 20 points in a game this year.

They held the Rams QB Goff to under 80 yds of passing, but did give up a little more in rushing, but nonetheless their front line is a beast of a line, and they give opposing QBs fits throughout the entire defense.


Offensively, Garoppolo has settled down and become a good QB, not chart-busting by any means but steady and doesn't make many mistakes, and you'd be hard pressed to find superstars on offense; just a group of guys working in sync together playing hard-nosed football, no loud mouths or 'look at me' attention whores, just sound fundamental football players who have come together as a unit.


Also this past Sunday, we saw the Redskins travel to Miami and squeak by with a 17-16 win, in yet another game of 1st half vs 2nd half collapses.

The running game did pick up as Adrian Peterson broke over the century mark with 118 yds rushing, but against one of, if not the weakest d-lines in football, so it may be more of a given, but still good to see the future HOFer do it.

Keenum was ho-hum, passing for 166 yds and 2 scores, and the promising rookie McLaurin catching both TD passes and getting 100 yds receiving.


Then the 2nd half started, and the comeback ensued. Back-up QB Fitzpatrick came in to replace an ineffective Rosen and brought the Dolphins back with a late score to get them within 1 point of tying the game, and with momentum could have quite possibly won the game in overtime, but decided to go for a 2 pt conversion instead, but a costly dropped pass sealed the Dolphins' fate as the Redskins d-line held their hands up in triumph.


The game against the 49ers could get very ugly, very quickly, but more than likely it will be 60 minutes of frustration, as the struggling Redskins offense will have a hard time against the 9ers defense.  Kyle is coming home, and more than likely the stands will be filled with more 49er fans than Redskin fans, making it an almost 'alternate home' game for them. They are giving up a little more in the running game than passing, but with an o-line struggling with continuity, that aspect could be shut down as well, making this game one to possibly forget.

But, as they say, that's why they play the game.


Look for this game to be a defensive struggle on both sides, both offenses may have difficulty, but as we've seen all season, the 2nd half is where things go south.


When the dust settles and the mines shut down,

the Redskins just can't move the ball enough when needed.

Final score:

Redskins 9

     49ers 20


First correct score prediction wins a new Redskins golf towel, cap, or beanie.


Good luck, and as always,    G  O    R  E  D  S  K  I  N  S !  !     



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49ers - 34

Skins - 10 


It is going to be a deplorable outing on both sides of the ball.  I see Norman being targeted and torched again in the secondary. Keenum is probably going to throw two picks, and will be pulling grass out of his helmet or running for his life most of the game. I think it could be their worse outing yet.. 


The niners are solid and consistent on both sides of the ball.

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I really do hope...now correct me if I'm wrong but wasnt part of the plan for mike to coach for however many years than his son Kyle to take over after?...than yours truly ****ed it all up again..


I really do hope Kyle does some kind of gesture up towards snyder's box when walking off the field after beating down his skins..lol

Big boy football tonight!!..I know there ain't many football fans round any more but this lions packers game is a big boy game..good stuff!!

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