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Game Day Thread - Skins at Fins Someone’s Gotta Win

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10 minutes ago, Fred Jones said:

Well, we are going to run the ball today against the worst run defense in the league.  Not a good start.

We can commit to the run but since we have the same ****ty OL ...

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2 minutes ago, carex said:


how do you actually scheme for that though.  You can direct where you attack, but you can't control how the OL shifts for those attacks


2 minutes ago, shakinaiken said:

what offensive scheme has the center block the edge? thought that was so odd 


Straight man to man protection. With two tackles occupying the guards and two ends occupying the tackles and no back in protection the center has to scan for immediate threat and go and pick it up. If you know from scouting that they like that protection against a specific front you can exploit it.


The offense can change to a slide protection, but they wouldn’t have anyone protecting backside there, either, with no back in. Could always whiskey the backside guard, but it’s the same premise. 

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Everyone wants O'Connell to be Kyle or McVay, and who knows maybe he is another keeper of an O-coordinator, but we can't make it happen just by hoping.  The former two emerged behind the scenes without a real spotlight on them or pressure to be "the next big thing" it just happen organically, not to mention Kyle having the built in pedigree to begin with. 

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