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Game Day Thread - Skins at Fins Someone’s Gotta Win


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Aside from the unbearable heat and mostly bad game thus far, I’ve never been so relaxed watching a game. I always root for a win while watching a game but don’t care if they lose because we’d be in the drivers seat for the number 1 pick. So win win 😀 at least for me,


i think there here is almost no way they lose this one considering the Dolphins can’t move the ball

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"The Redskins used two- or three- tight end sets on nine of 25 first-half snaps. That represents a change from the first five weeks. In that time, they used a two- or three- tight end look on 39 of 307 snaps."
Possibly our weakest position group, it doesn't matter against a defense like the Dolphins which is historically bad, but if we continue this we will be punished in future weeks. 
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