Redskins Meme Thread

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The difference between this kinda pain is I can turn this off whenever i want, but I don't.  It's a distraction, I've decided to stick between happy and laughing not to cry to avoid breaking anything again for a couple years now.  1 problem to focus on for 3 hours instead of the rest of them.  Tailgate isnt exactly the inspirational place of hope and sunshine right now (for reasons that dont need to be named), but we find ways to make the most of it.


I'll start it off, please stick to pics or gifs if you can, I envision a stadium version of the owned thread, this isnt so much a discussion thread as it is a multimedia, laugh at our own pain to get through it thread.  Too many videos slow down the page load, I've noticed that in the friday music threads (might just be me, I've jus seen that for years on my different devices)


I shouldnt have to say it, but dont get yourself banned or the thread closed trying to be an overachiever.  And it doesnt have to be all negative either, it can be purely sarcastic as well.


Again, this is not a discussion thread, this is a stadium version of the owned thread.


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Really Brucie, So close?



First redskins kickoff of the season.1589692197_images(3).jpeg.7d486fdfad9550edd90ae2ef66d39641.jpeg


First loss of the season.



The penalties and lack of discipline.SnoopyPoshAsiantrumpetfish-size_restricted.gif.b6d07bcd6c16bf083953906888c237d5.gif


Miss tackling and having the opponent gain an extra 10+ yards.






The team in the 4th quarter hurry up offense.



Gruden still trying to figure out how to play the game right...



Watching other NFL teams pass us while standing at the bottom.



Bruce says the team culture is actually damn good.



Skins fans reaction



Bottom line





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