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FAREWELL to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

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Just now, tshile said:

First round pick released before the end of a second season. 

clown show continues to be clown show 

This is not a clown show. DH was released. It didn't work out. A clown show would have been to continue playing him because Dan wanted it and he was a first round pick. Is that what you want? Professional football is played here now. Moving in the right direction IMO. That does not include hanging on when performance is lacking. Particularly when you have better QB play from three other players on your team. 

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My eyes are filled with tears. My heart is broken. My soul is overcome with dismay.


I am soaked with grief at this horrible, horrible, news.


Some of you people are absolutely despicable in the the things you have said and the jokes you have made about this fine upstanding young man. I warned you this might happen. Did you listen...NOOO!


This calamity is on you.


Poor sweet sensitive men among men Dwayne Haskins is a victim of your hatred for him. He always deserved better than you.


One day soon he will get the last laugh as he ascends to the mountaintop and leads his new team to the first of many coveted Lombardi trophies as the consensus league MVP.


Fare thee well young Simba!


We never deserved you! 


You were just too damn good for us...





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43 minutes ago, Malapropismic Depository said:

Anyone wanna bet he's an Eagle by the end of the week ?


Jim Schwartz: "Hey, Dwayne. Okay, what can you tell us about those ****s in Washington?"

Dwayne: "Well, coach, you might not have caught this on the game film but there's this thing they had us do to mess with defenses's heads and put them out of position. It worked most of the time."

Jim Schwartz: *prepares to write it down* "Yeah? Tell me about this."

Dwayne: "I'd have the ball, pretend like I'm about to throw downfield and instead tuck it back in. It fools the coverage." *looks around nervously for eavesdroppers and then leans closer to Schwartz* "They call it the pump fake." *nods solemnly*

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24 minutes ago, Sellersfan said:

I envision him giving speeches to rookies on behalf of the NFL symposium talking about what happens when you don’t care and believe your own hype.

Sometimes its best look at this from a humanity standpoint. Imagine if you had a dream that became a reality through hard work and dedication. Only to run into a learning experience that sets you back. Its not easy. But it happens. I am rooting for the hometown kid to recover from this episode. But I also rooting for folks that have a tendency to love people's misery. Good luck.

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Not to belabor this point, but ... once again we are kneecapped by Snyder. Another number one pick absolutely thrown away for nothing in return. All because Little Danny "had a feeling" he finally grasped what it means to be a judge of actual football talent/ability/character. 


Worst owner in ALL of professional sports strikes again. May his loins be infested with mites that cannot die. 

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Shanny staked his reputation on Beck, one ruined reputation is enough for him. Hadskins did so much better. He basically took out Gruden, Allen, Doug while also burning Dan. EVERYONE hates him, including the media and probably even his own teammates. Hadskins is a god among busts.

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