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FAREWELL to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

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8 minutes ago, HigSkin said:


He could be a cheap back up...


Backups have to be locked in mentally and prepared with little to no reps. It's why guys like Colt McCoy play for a decade. 

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33 minutes ago, Heisenberg said:

Now I will shift my view to hoping this young man figures out a way to mature and figure out his life - whether that involves being a professional QB somewhere else or doing something else he finds fulfilling.


I hope he figures out his life, but it won't involve Quarterbacking.  And if by some miracle it does I will actively root against him every chance I get.


4 minutes ago, Ball Security said:

Do you think Kyle would have drafted Sweat or Burns at 15.  Would be nice to have those two second rounders right now.  McLaurin and Higgins at WR.


Sweat was the FO pick and a consolation prize from Danny.  "We're taking my guy at 15 and you can do whatever you want after that".


Sure would have been nice to have pick 33 this year.  

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3 minutes ago, CapsSkins said:

I'm not one of those people who "wishes he does well elsewhere".



Why would I be happy that he gets it together elsewhere?  I'm not worried in the least that he'll all the sudden put it all together and be a good quarterback elsewhere, but why would I want that for him?  


I don't wish him ill will in life, but I'll be damned if I wish the best for his NFL career after being a big baby that stunk his short time here.

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4 minutes ago, CapsSkins said:

I'm not one of those people who "wishes he does well elsewhere". Why would I? I don't know him personally, and he's done nothing to earn my respect or well-wishes. I could not care less whether he finds success on another team. It's not like he busted his ass here and just wasn't good enough. He came in lazy and entitled and he's leaving lazy, entitled and sad. Big whoop.


I'll save my sympathy for those struggling to pay bills during the pandemic or fighting the disease itself. Not Bentley-driving, diamond jewelry-rocking, Baby Simba. Not like he's feeling sympathy for me. Figure it out or don't, I don't give a ****. I'm onto Philadelphia. ;) 



I’ve found in life that it’s never a bad thing to have empathy for another person who isn’t a criminal/doing something horribly wrong.


You never know what goes through someone’s head or their mental health or state.


The guy’s dream could have died.


It doesn’t hurt me to hope the best for him.

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Just now, PartyPosse said:

You’re probably right. I would just rather let that error fizzle out and hopefully it doesn’t turn into another RG3 or Cousins situation where he’s constantly being used as the measuring stick for future QBs. We tend to hold on to mistakes around here far more than we do the successes. He’s not a part of the team anymore and I know on Sunday his name will pop up in the game thread a nauseatingly absurd number of times.


No one's holding onto this mistake, bro.  Dwayne Haskins, if he's mentioned at all in the next few years, will be mentioned as a punchline or a cautionary tale.  


Like I said, RG3 flashed but he played a big part in his own demise.  People can still argue about Cousins being the one that got away.  


I think everyone -even the people that were defending Haskins as recently as earlier this season- can now agree that Haskins was trash.  

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7 minutes ago, KDawg said:

Or Logan Wilson at ILB. Or whatever. It would have been nice to take Sweat where we took Haskins. 

Oh well. Can’t change the past.

Yes Kyle wanted Sweat and trading those 2 2nds to get him at the end of the first was a mea culpa to the scouting department 

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2 minutes ago, TryTheBeal! said:

What, if any, are the salary cap ramifications to releasing him now?


No no no.  Nope.  You don't get to ask any questions.  Your privileges have been permanently revoked about this subject.




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People keep saying how talented DH is.


I'm not so sure.


Quick release yes, but doesn't throw a great deep ball or an accurate short one. Isn't super mobile, doesn't process info quick, etc..


He's just big and played on a powerhouse team. 

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I’ve never disliked a player more supporting this franchise. Even Big Al didn’t piss me off this much. And F Snyder and Allen for forcing that pick. The year to draft a QB was this last one. At least Al was elite at his position one point in his career. Haskins just did literally every single thing wrong. Let’s rally behind Alex and Ice Cold Heineken. 

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Just now, RFK Lives said:

John Beck would like a word.


Beck was at least mobile and could throw accurately to his RBs 😀 (Roy Help says hello).  Haskins just sucks.


Heath was pretty mobile and wasn't a bad teammate by all accounts.  He'd be better in this era actually.

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