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FAREWELL to the NFL Dwayne Haskins QB Ohio State

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2 minutes ago, SemperFi Skins said:

Haskins has been released.




DH needs to go back to college, get his degree in what ever he finds interesting. Keep grinding. Maybe you play in the XFL or whatever football league you can get in. But most importantly, seek to revive your self confidence. But also learn and practice humility. I don't want you on the team. But personally, I never want anyone who's had dreams to play in the NFL to have those dreams fail. Good luck local kid. Sorry it ended this way. But like you said, the most important thing for you right now is to get your life together. 

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Came back to say goodbye to a horrible teammate and a guy who threw his career away by being an absolute self-absorbed egomaniac. This could have been a lot worse. It's a culture cut and I like it. I want to see this QB room overhauled next season with Allen backing up whoever is coming in. Let protect the next guy a bit more too. HTTFT.

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I am so ****ing glad he's gone.  I think looking back at RG3, I was more bummed that it didn't work out.  We all had a glimpse of what could have been.  He was truly spectacular for one year...now if you want to give a lot of credit to the Shanahan's for masking his deficiencies, that's fine.  But no one can deny that RG3 torched this league for a season.  It made his arrogance and his dumb little sayings tolerable.


Haskins has sucked ass since day one.  It makes him more of a loathsome figure.  It'd be one thing if he sucked on the field but was reportedly working his ass off day in, day out and doing whatever he could to get better.  But he's not.  Look, if you can't be around men like Rivera and Alex Smith and have that work ethic and dedication NOT rub off on you, you have no chance.


He's just an ignorant, preening asshole who thinks the world owes him something.


I sincerely hope no one picks him up.  Good riddance.

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1 minute ago, PartyPosse said:

Maybe. But you have a playoff game on Sunday night. Is the saving of a couple million worth keeping a major distraction around?

Could always just inactivate him and figure it out in the offseason.


I'm not sad he's gone or anything, just seems like odd timing, when the golden ticket to dump him and eat the cap was handed to Rivera last week.

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5 minutes ago, MarkMissoula said:

Cap implications?

I believe it's just the bonus money that's owed for 2021 and 2022 which is 4,252,404 in dead cap, there could be a small hit for the proration of the last remaining game for this year. Hopefully its not $8.5M, that makes quite a dent in our rollover cap space.



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