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Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

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1 minute ago, KDawg said:

slightly disagree here.


Allen is good, as is Payne. Settle is a decent backup. Ion is a good option. Landon Collins is also okay. Dunbar is... serviceable. Thompson is a good third down option. But otherwise you’re depressingly close :ols:


Yes, but have you taken a look at our IR?  Exquisite.  

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That scary GEICO commercial is soooooo us.


*Skins get the ball*


Skins assistant: "Sooooo Jay, how's about  a pa/deep post right here, we got em right where we want em"


Jay: "You nuts, brother??? Tell ya what were gonna, man, were gonna run Perin, uhh. Peterson right into Moses' gigantic ass... guar-ranteed 2 yards, man. Works like a charm!"

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2 minutes ago, UKskins said:

Par for the course really. He’s been **** for last 18 months. Can’t wait to get his dumb ass off the books. He can barely string a sentence together so no surprise he hasn’t got the smarts to play ball to a high level

But hey at least he can jump a bull!

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Just now, Dirt said:

They actually changed the game.  Never seen that here, ever.

Where’s “here” for you, out of curiosity? I went to college in CT, and there were a few redskins games that got switched to a more competitive game in the 4th quarter 

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1 minute ago, UK SKINS FAN '74 said:


I disagree. Gruden has no vested interest in Haskins at all.

Totally disagree here.


He has some.


As a human. Why ruin a kid when you’re getting **** canned anyways? I respect him NOT putting him out there for funsies.


McCoy is getting destroyed. Our OL is a total ****show. 

You don’t throw a kid out there to get killed. That’s part of your job as a coach.

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