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Game Day Thread - Pats at Redskins

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Just now, NoCalMike said:

The Patriots are playing like they are annoyed they even have to be playing this game, and are still winning easily. 

Wouldn’t you be pissed if you were scheduled to scrimmage on a beautiful fall day?

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1 minute ago, ejay183 said:

This offense is awful and McCoy is playing awful. Does Haskins play next week if Gruden gets fired after this game?


Definitely. KOC or someone will be given the rest of the year to pull out Haskins potential, and no better time to start than against the Dolphins.

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3 minutes ago, alwaysaskin said:

This offense is god awful, it’s like watching paint dry 

Predictably so. There’s nothing there. QB’s all suck. Peterson hit the wall. OL is almost entirely made up of backup quality players, a unit of rookie WRs, and a dude named Sprinkle. 

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2 minutes ago, Csup said:

I have never met him.  Can’t stand listening to him.  Frank Herzog was much better than him.  Plus he wasn’t a mouthpiece for Synder.  He’d actually criticize the team on occasion if need be.


Herzog never worked for the team, he just was the voice of the Redskins and it sucked that he was basically replaced.

Michael is essentially an actor, but even he has moments where you can hear that he's rolling his eyes.

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