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Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES - Gruden, Manusky & IR List

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October 3, 2019

Head Coach Jay Gruden





Opening statement:
“Did not participate were: [LB] Josh Harvey-Clemons, hamstring, [TE Jordan] Reed, concussion, [TE Vernon] Davis concussion, [G Brandon] Scherff, ankle and [CB Josh] Norman, knee. Limited were: [WR Terry] McLaurin, hamstring, [C Chase] Roullier, knee and [QB Case] Keenum, foot.”


On if he has decided on the starting quarterback:
“We’re getting closer here. I think we had a good day of work today and we’ll follow up tomorrow, see how they do and see how healthy they are and make sure we’re all on the same page and go from there.”


On what he has seen from QB Colt McCoy:
“He had a good day today, had a limited day yesterday, good day today, so put it all together, see how he’s feeling tomorrow. See how [QB] Case [Keenum] is doing tomorrow, keep in mind with [QB] Dwayne [Haskins Jr.] and go from there.”


On his concern level for CB Josh Norman:
“Very low.”


On if TE Jeremy Sprinkle starts if TE Vernon Davis cannot play:
“We’ll have to adjust a little bit, but [TE Jeremy] Sprinkle has been playing a lot of football and he can slide right in there. Obviously, [TE Jerome] Cunningham, we got last week. He’s picking it up so we still have a couple tight end sets and the one tight end set, so we’re good to go.”


 On what he has seen from LB Ryan Kerrigan:
“Ryan will be the first one to tell you he is disappointed about his numbers. Still plays with great energy, great effort, without a doubt. The numbers have just not shown up. I think that’s something he’s working very hard every day in practice and in the weight room, training room, getting himself to where he can be a force and be a factor on defense and that’s where we need him to be. I think it’ll come for him. Just continue to keep rushing, keep playing hard and it’ll come for him. Just got to keep pressing the pocket. We’ve got to do a better job on the inside and it’ll come for him.” 


On differences in meetings after starting 0-4:
“I think we’re taking input from everybody. I’m up for any idea. But the fact of the matter is we have to play better and we have to coach better. We have to play harder and coach harder. So, that’s what our main focus is. Focusing on consistency, playing hard and doing the right thing. Avoiding penalties and turnovers.”


On if DL Jon Allen’s knee is limiting him:
“No, he’s not 100 percent, no. But did that limit him a little bit? I think he’s getting back in full strength right now, feels pretty good. He had a good day of practice. watched him in one-on-one and in team work. He’s got some more bounce out of his stance and he’s finishing plays. So yes, to answer your question, I think it had hindered him some last week and I think it won’t this week.”


On if he has considered allowing offensive coordinator Kevin O’Connell to call plays:
“I tell the quarterback the play, but we all have input in the play call, not only on game day but during the week. We come up with our situational plays, a lot of times just reading them from the situational plays, the things we’ve prepared, the things we’ve done in practice, the things the quarterbacks like. So it’s really – whether I tell the quarterback or he tells the quarterback – it’s going to be very similar. I take input from [Assistant Head Coach] Bill Callahan, from Kevin O’Connell, and if Kevin were calling the plays he’d take my input. So it really doesn’t matter who talks to the quarterback, we all have a say in what the play is.”


On the differences in preparing for New England compared to other opponents:
“It’s a little difficult. You never know what you’re going to get, but you’ve got to have your set rules and how you handle different fronts. Defensively, they do a little of things on defense. You’re not quite sure what they’re going to be. Then offensively, you never know not what type of set they’re going to be in, but that’s really the case with everybody. You try to game plan for some base stuff that they have in every game plan, but for the most part we have to be prepared for the unknown. They get out and empty at any time, any place, any personnel group, [WR Julian] Edelman can throw the pass, hold the ball. They’ve got all types of things they can do; they can run the ball, they can pound it at you, the play-actions they’re very good at it. Obviously, Tom can still drop back and wing it. Then defensively, you never know what personnel group they’re going to be in: dime, nickel, base, four-down, five-down, three-down, two-down, one-down. You’ve just got to be sound in what you do.”


On how cautious they’re being with WR Terry McLaurin:
“Pretty cautious, really. He didn’t do a lot today. Tomorrow will be a big day for him, hopefully he can stretch it out a little bit. He did limited stuff in individual, a few things here and there, short things, but tomorrow will be a big day for him.”


On how the first-team reps are divided up between quarterbacks:
“Yeah, we’re dividing them up. I didn’t count today. I’ll count when I get back in there, it’s close.”




Defensive Coordinator Greg Manusky


 On LB Ryan Kerrigan’s lack pressure early in the season:
“Across the board, we have to get a little bit more pressure on the quarterback, of course. Every week, we go in with a game plan with the coaches. We’ve just to make sure – the ball’s coming out quick at times – but I’m just saying, overall we’ve got to get to the quarterback. That’s an issue that we’ve had over these last four games, so we’ve got to continue to keep on working during practice and get after them.”


On what he has seen from LB Noah Spence:
“He’s got some real good quickness, he’s got good getting off the ball. From our standpoint, we’re looking to put him in certain situations and get him to pass rush, and that’ll help us out a little bit on the outside.”


On how LB Cole Holcomb has performed the last couple of weeks:
“I think it was more of a situation where we had a different personnel grouping in there, especially in the Chicago game. Overall, [LB] Cole [Holcomb]’s been doing a great job and he’s got to just continue learning the defense, learning what the offense is trying to do to us and continue to play like he has been the last couple of weeks.”


On how sack numbers have changed in recent years:
“I think overall with the RPO game and stuff like that when you play teams that are doing that, the ball is coming out quick, but we do teach trying to get our hands up and trying to bat the ball down. Overall, in the National Football League, it depends on who you’re playing. We’ve got to try to get more physical up front from a standpoint of really pressing the pocket and try and crunch it down as much as we can.”


On how the defensive scheme changes against New England’s front seven:
“I mean, he’s one of the best of all-time. He’s a guy that sits in the pocket and knows exactly where to go with the ball. He’s like the offensive coordinator, he knows exactly where to go. So, from our standpoint, we’ve got to disguise as much as we can on each and every down, and then take it from there.”


 On what results early in the season stand out the most to him:
“I think, overall, what surprises me the most is – you kind of stumped me there, I really don’t know.”


 On how they can collapse the pocket in Week 5:
“We’ve got to get back there and try to get him to the ground. He’s still a big-body guy, I know he’s aging a little bit, but he can still throw the ball, he can still step up in the pocket, does a great job of keeping his eyes up the field. We’ve got to make sure that we do crunch the pocket and try to get after him that way.”


On if players get extra motivation playing someone like QB Tom Brady:
“Well, when you play Tom Brady, it’s always something. Everybody knows upstairs that he’s a very good player and we’ve got to get after him.”

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