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New BANG! Redskins Cartoon: "Driven Insane"

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Anyone and everyone is welcome to tweet this toon, share it on Facebook, send it to whoever you want.
And this goes for every cartoon and podcast I make. :)
Be sure to listen to the Bang! Radio Hour, available wherever fine podcasts are gathered.
(This week we have some fun as Fred Smoot used last week's postgame to comp;are our QB situation to dead seahorses.)

@redskinss: Adobe animate. A wonderful program. (and i use photoshop / illustrator / fireworks to make the characters and backgrounds and Adobe Audition to record the voices and mix the sounds.)


Thanks all, glad you enjoy it! I always enjoy the feedback.



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So many people like Dan in the car seat that i am going to post up a stand-alone graphic of it on my twitter account @BangRadioHour (Come one come all! Follow me!)

I never did get to show it full in the cartoon,, the cutaway would've been too clunky. But, i gotta tell ya, with his little feet and the whole seat.. it makes me laugh just looking at it.



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17 minutes ago, RFK Lives said:

Try the soft zone and rush 4...lmao!


I have to know where you get your voice talent, it's always good.

Mel Blanc is my hero

Most of the time I just assign a voice to a guy that is more a caricature than anything else (Like Snyder's voice. I always give him that whiny little twerp voice.). I can't do many actual "impressions", and Man, the Gruden accent is hard to nail down.
But, i do Jerry Jones all the time on the podcast. We call him up on the phone a lot. And i do a few others.
here is a bit we did on the podcast of me doing Merrill Reese and the Eagles radio broadcast




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Other times i assign voices to match a personality like with Ben Roethlisberger, the big lummox.

And others like Bob Kraft..  dude sounds loaded every time i hear him talk. (this is semi-safe for.. maybe not. Headphones in.)

Each week i do a cold opening for the podcast.. these are some of those. So if you enjoy the cartoons,, chances are you'll like the podcast! 
Enough plugs for now.


Larry Michael .. i never had reason to, but if i did, it would be more a caricature that just constantly says the Redskins will win, are the greatest, no matter what. The "skintangibles" would be part of it.

Sort of like he usually does. :D



I like Larry Michael, i must say. I am very glad he got this gig, he has worked very hard to get there, and he's as big a fan as anyone. Long ago i had a truck route i drove, and saturdays in spring are about as far from football as you can get.. Larry did a 3 hour Redskins show on old WJFK on saturday afternoons, and he got me through many boring days of work.



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