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Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

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It's hard to imagine the Redskins playing a worst first half, trailing Chicago 28-3 in a game that will show the nation just how bad things are in Washington. The Redskins' defense consistently suffers coverage breakdowns while the offense lacks enough weapons to do much -- and a line that is overmatched vs. the Bears' front. The Redskins needed to play a near-perfect half but instead committed penalties, had drops and turned the ball over three times. The Redskins averaged only 3.4 yards per pass attempt. They were outcoached, outplayed and out-everythinged in the first half.

John Keim, ESPN Staff Writer1m ago
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3 minutes ago, purbeast said:

I'm not going to be wearing ANY Redskins gear this fall/winter after how this season has been going.


I am thinking however of putting a piece of duct tape over the logo on my Redskins hat and rocking the **** out of it.




I am not allowing my Redskins Fox tv robot out of his box for the rest of the season.  He has remained in his box for the last 5 years.

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forgot which writer says the Skins think Colt can return after this week (personally doubt it). but plugging Colt in for Case, calling that an upgrade is questionable. lateral move at best. PLUS Colt will jumpy/hesitant coming back to play on a freshly healed broken leg that SHOULD'VE been healed. 


yay, i love our options.

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6 minutes ago, joeken24 said:

I'm going to be honest....last year I said I was switching my fan-ship to the Bears. Only because I was a fan back in the day when Walter Payton played. Plus last year they just seemed like a fun team to watch. The Skins on the other hand, has never been a fun team to watch. They've probably been the most stressful part of my life for several years when I really sit down and think about it. I hate the way they play the game. I don't have a problem losing once in a while. But the Redskins make me ****ing angry. Particularly when you know the players have talent. This organization sucks the ****ing joy out of the game. And the terrible horrible problem is the ones sitting in the box are going to pick a new coaching staff. I'm ****ing tired, dude!

agreed. complete stess they cause..unbearable

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