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Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

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1 minute ago, primetime441 said:

ESPN is about to switch their coverage to drag racing 


Some CIA type grainy voice cut into the broadcast saying "Pull the plug pull the plug" and the camera cuts to the crew yanking out cables and ****" dropping their headsets and leaving the booth, and the stadium goes dark 😂


That would be so awesome

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After all this, d hop makes the kick and Terry Mclaurin turns around, gives him a head butt and a congrats. A rookie. A stud Rookie. 


Do you know how HARD it is to find a stud WR who is a leader and doesn't have a severe personality disorder? Thats like 5% of stud WRs. We have one, at least for now. 

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This is pathetic...this isn’t even a football franchise anymore, it’s an exercise in futility.


I reinstate my ban of attending Redskins games I didn’t go to a game for 6 years after consistently going to 4-6 for a decade, my kids wanted to go so I took them, no F THAT I won’t go back until they have more than 1 winning season in a row, so at this point it’s never. 


I see no end in sight, there is no bright side, there is no future for this team  

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4 minutes ago, Simmsy said:

We've only been beating the Bears for the last 8 years, its about time they get a chance to clap back.


I don't find it very comforting to brag about how they used to be a little more bad than we still are lol. Would be cool to beat them when they're good

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