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Game Day Thread - Bears at Redskins

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2 minutes ago, ConnSKINS26 said:

Guy once again brings up Jay getting replaced and Haskins starting at that point. If he knows something, then this is going down soon

Haskins is coming in bro before the season is over regardless of whats right we arent the packers or the chiefs at some point if the stadium is empty enough danny boy will force the change and i think it will be a good thing

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Just now, Nerm said:


I dont think he has ever had a defensive coordinator job that he was not fired from after having the worst performing defense in the franchises' history.  It sucks to watch him run around on the sideline as teams put 40 on you frequently.

Manusky has been dismal through three weeks. Made Trubisky look like an all pro. Never sends pressure. Given up 31 plus in three straight games. He’s gotta go. 

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2 minutes ago, skins4eva said:


I'm not even sure he's good enough for that.  He has no in game sense.  No real feel for playcalling.  He never had it in Cinny and he doesnt have it year.  If he doesn't have it yet, he never will.  He's just one of those guys who sneaks along under another awful head coach (Marvin Lewis) and then jumps at his chance for a head coaching gig (he's not dumb enough to turn that down), but I hope he's saved his money bc he ain't ever getting another one.

He has too much on his plate in Washington. If he was assigned one role (to call plays) I can see him doing a decent job. Nothing elite, but serviceable. He has to manage personalities, the clock, the interviews etc. He seems like a good dude but looks completely clueless when the camera zooms in on his face. We need someone who is sharp and hungry and ready to run through the wall with the players.   

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