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Game Day Thread - Cow****es at Redskins

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2 minutes ago, PartyPosse said:

If you honestly don’t think the nfl has the ability and freedom to guide the flow of play by play then you’re naive. Not saying that’s the case but it’s all part of the same money making machine.

no idea what you're talking about. These networks' NFL shows say unflattering and sometimes even utterly dumbass things about the league and it's teams every single week. Usually just to make headlines and be controversial. Those same networks employ the announcers and run the production of the game. Not the NFL.

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3 minutes ago, NoCalMike said:

No one is claiming the 'Skins are losing because of the refs. Give that idea a rest.  We are all fully aware of how mediocre this team is.  All some of us are saying is that the refs need to be more consistent in what they are calling.  On both Dak runs, there was blatant holding, not ticky tacky "could be called or not"  Both of his runs a defender has his jersey grabbed and held, and Dak runs specifically by the defender being held so it isn't like it is happening on opposite side of the field where the refs might be out of position to call it.




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4 minutes ago, KDawg said:

Please please stop whining about the refs. They missed two calls on the Prescott run. Other than that it’s been a pretty decently officiated game. The Skins are committing some blatant penalties. Dallas has had some, but they’re better at disguising. Good teams find ways to do it and our guys are blatant.

Nope the refs have been bad.


They missed a pass interference that negated a catch to quinn on the first drive. They missed a face mask on richardson a couple days later. 


I don't even really care about penalties just call them somewhat equally. 


If you are going to give drive extending plays and big time calls to one team for ticky tacky bull**** then you need to do the same for the other. Period. 

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1 minute ago, cgm110 said:

Only way there's a prayer of things getting better is for Bruce to leave.  Nothing else matters-- but in the short term I'd fire manusky because im sick of his schemes and soft zones getting gashed


NO, Dan needs to leave


The rest will take care of itself

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Thought I’d see more creativity in the pocket from Keenum. Maybe staff is coaching that out of him to avoid mistakes that come with it. It does appear he’s working his hardest to manage the game and avoid mistakes. Will need him to create some more consistent drives to help out defense, doesn’t have to be scoring drives every time. 

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