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2022-23 Washington Capitals Thread


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Sick of the slow starts, but it was a nice comeback last night, too bad they couldn't complete it in OT or SO.


After an incredible 15 year run, I personally think we're at the beginning of the end for this team.  But it's not fair to judge with all the talent out of the lineup right now.

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2 hours ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

I’m a fan of an awful hockey team. Never thought I’d see the day…….


I understand the disappointment (although most of us saw this coming), but this is nothing compared to the Caps teams from 2003 - 2007.

We're missing some really good players.  A healthy Wilson can affect the outcome of any game when he's on.  Orlov is one of our top defensemen.  Oshie, while broken down and on the downside of his career, is still effective.  I'm not saying we're a playoff team with those guys in the lineup, but we're a lot better than what we are now.  We just need to pray we don't fall too far behind in the standings before those guys come back.

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On 10/31/2022 at 10:53 PM, China said:


Unfortunately the NHL doesn't have requirements for specifying the duration of injuries as other leagues such as the NFL does.  

Looks like Oshie will be back tonight! 

indefinite, to me, sounded like 4 months or some crazy long period of time. Great to know that wasn’t the case :D now, he needs to STAY healthy. Hopefully he’ll help lead to more wins

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4 hours ago, PokerPacker said:

Team is looking a bit better with Oshie back in the lineup.

Indeed. And they should be much better when Wilson and Orlov return. I'm not fooling myself into thinking we're contenders, but a healthy lineup should be able to compete for a wild card, which is much better than what we've been watching for the better part of the past month.

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17 hours ago, NoVaSkins21 said:

Wondering when this team will be good again since we are entering the end of the Ovie era on such a thud.


When they get healthy, when they start drafting some good young players and finding ways to insert them into the lineup, when they get out of some really bad contracts, and when they learn to sell high on guys instead of keeping them well past their expiration dates with said bad contracts. I'd also be fine with a new coaching staff, the current one isn't getting it done.

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