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2021-22 Washington Capitals Thread


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7 minutes ago, Cooleyfan1993 said:

That’s unfortunate. Then sadly i can only give it a V, instead of a W. 


He did have two excellent assists though. 

39 minutes ago, PokerPacker said:

I'll be surprised if he gets a fine.  Did he get a fine when he chopped off a dude's finger?

I agree but it's a really ****ing dirty play. NHL letting him get away with that **** is ****ed up. 

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3 minutes ago, c slag said:

Wilson was hauled down there, no call

I'm trying to figure out if it's no-call because the defender managed to get the puck.

Edit: Upon video review, it was more that the defender caught Wilson's glove than the puck, so it could have been slashing, too.

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Now just need to hold them off for the next 2.36 minutes. Or score again, whichever comes first. 

Just now, PokerPacker said:

Is that gonna be Hathaway's, or Sprong's?  If it's Hathaway, I believe that makes 4 goals in as many games for him.


They said it was Hathaway who gets the goal. Sprong tried to help but the puck was already over the line. 

Hathaway with the empty net goal! Nice. :)


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