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2021-22 Washington Capitals Thread


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1 minute ago, PokerPacker said:

I think he's a bit too conversational when what is needed for a game broadcast is color-commentary.

Not sure why they had him mumbling through 2 goals and not even acknowledging the goals, instead of just waiting for intermission for story time

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Watching the post game show and Lapierre was the best part of the night according to 71% of the fans. 

His family came down from Quebec, like 7 of them. He sure made his family proud tonight.

Good to have some young blood on the ice. 


Another good part of the night was Ovi passing Dionne. :)


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6 hours ago, PokerPacker said:

Nobody mentioning the fact that the Caps made a waiver claim for a 23-year-old defenseman?


I saw it. Not sure if that player gets much playing time given the veteran depth and hopefully a long term commitment to play Fehervary

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