Redskins Culture is embedded in the mentality

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On 9/11/2019 at 8:23 AM, Alexa said:

It all starts with the owner and his loser President. They will never hire a hard ass coach. Look at how they treated Greg Williams. They were scared of him, didn't want to deal with someone who's a hard ass. Instead they hire a total wuss like Jim Zorn over Greg Williams.  Snyder will never hire a Marty type ever again. IMO the players need to somewhat fear the head coach.


You'd figure that when Snyder looks at his stadium that is filled with other teams fans that he'd do something about it. That he'd change the direction of the franchise. That he'd at least come out and look the fans in the eye and say something. But all he does is hide like the weasel that he is. 




Marty was the one I was thinking of when reading through this thread.  I thought they were headed in a good direction with him.  That guy had winning teams everywhere he went and, IMO, it was only a matter of time before he was going to break through and win a Super Bowl.  Unfortunately it never happened for him but I think he was the type of guy this organization needed.


I think they need a hardass coach or a true visionary like the one they let get away and who's now in LA.  McVey doesn't strike me as a hardass but he is a guy that communicates exceptionally well, understands the game inside and out, thinks outside of the box and due to those characteristics he gets the respect from his players.  


Gruden ain't the guy, it's as clear as day.  I don't think they should keep him past this year but then again I don't trust them to make the right hiring decision.  They will most likely hire another lapdog.  

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2 hours ago, LightningBuggs said:


My immediate reaction to the AP situation on Sunday was that it was Jay's "Norv sending Eddie Murray out to kick a 49 yd GW kick vs the Giants that was WAY out of his range" moment.  Meaning it was Jay telling the FO, "Please fire me.  I'm done here."


I definitely took it more as Jay thinking this is his last shot, he is going to do it his way, everyone else be damned. 

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