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Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES - Gruden, Keenum, Eagles Doug Pederson & IR List

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September 4, 2019


Head Coach Jay Gruden





On the injury report:

"[Colt] McCoy did not participate, [Fabian] Moreau did not participate; ankle. Limited were: Cassanova [McKinzy] with a concussion, [Jordan] Reed concussion, they’re both in the protocol still. [Caleb] Brantley with his foot. That's it."


On TE Jordan Reed’s availability for Week 1:

"Anytime anybody is in the concussion protocol, that means they have to pass the test and they continue to progress throughout practice and then they have to see how they are after practice the next morning, if they still have symptoms they take the test and once they're cleared to go full then we'll get the nod. We're just taking it based on what the doctors are telling us we can do. He was meetings today. He did some individual today, so hopefully that's the first positive step and we'll know more tomorrow." 


On if there is a specific day when he will decide whether Reed will play or not:

"I don't really put a time on it. I just want get the information and we’ll decide when we get the information if he can go or not." 


On if there is an update on QB Colt McCoy:

"He's out right now for this week, but he's going to see another doctor. Just continue to get the rehab that he needs and then we'll continue to progress him the following week." 


On what they’ve learned from McCoy’s visits to the doctor:

"No, no I think we are on the right track. I think that's the most important thing for his state of mind and make sure we're getting him rehabbed the right way, doing the right exercises for him. It’s all going to benefit him in the long run." 


On preparing for Carson Wentz coming off an injury:

"Well, he's Carson Wentz, he's a good player without a doubt. I think you’ve got to prepare for the entire Eagle football team – their offense and their structure, more so than one individual guy. Obviously, they have their weapons with [Zach] Ertz, Alshon [Jeffery] and Desean [Jackson] now, [Nelson] Agholor, and the rest of the running game is strong. So, the big thing is we’ve got to be in the right spot. Try to force them to be one-dimensional, like they've done to us the last couple of games that we’ve played them. That's where they get their success. The biggest thing for us is to force them into a pass and then get after them." 


On the difference in the offense when Reed is on the field: 

"Jordan? Oh, he's an elite player. It's the tight end position, so he changes the game considerably for us."


On if there is another issue going on with McCoy other than just strengthening his leg:

“No, I think just getting check-ups on it to make sure we're on the right pace and on the right track to get it right. For his mental state of mind and physical state of mind, get him on the right program, make sure we're all on the right page."


On preparing for WR DeSean Jackson:

"Yeah, we try, that's one of our goals on defense is to eliminate the big plays. He's going to be a big part of it, Alshon's going to be a big part of it, Zach Ertz has had big plays. The running game they've had big plays, pick your poison. We have to do a good job of eliminating the big plays whether it is Desean or Alshon, that's our goal. Whoever is out there we’ve got to eliminate them, but we know where DeSean is, he's fast, and he's very talented." 


On if RB Adrian Peterson will have a lesser role in the offense with the emergence of RB Derrius Guice:

 "We'll see, we'll see. I think initially we get going, I think you have to start with the first back and you start the game on offense, you start the game with Derrius Guice. From there, we'll see where it goes. I'm anxious to see him play. He's shown us that he's full go. He's had a good training camp. He's had good practices. He's into it mentally. He can handle the passing game, the protections and obviously he can handle the running game. Let's see where he goes and then we'll determine who gets what after that."


On what Guice did to prove that he deserves to be the starter:

"Well, he was our second-round pick. Had he not got hurt, we wouldn't know Adrian [Peterson]. Fortunately, we got to know Adrian and he's a great player for us. The issue is you’ve got one ball and if you're going to hand the ball off 25 times a game, only so many carries can go around. You still have Chris Thompson up and Adrian. So, the big thing is we get somebody ready for the mother load and everybody else is ready for whatever else they can get. That can change next week, it can change the week after, but initially we have to have a plan and go with it." 


On if there is anything he can do as a coach and play caller to make life easier for the young receivers playing in their first NFL game:

“No. No. Can't make it any easier. It's going to be hard. It's going to be hard for everybody. It's going to be on the road. It's going to be loud. They have a great defense, physical. So we are counting on them that they are going to be ready to go. Terry's [McLaurin] played a lot of football. Ohio State's been in a lot of big games. I don't think it'll be too big for him. Kelvin [Harmon] is a physical player. I think he's excited to get going. Rob Davis, got to get himself going. He hasn't played a lot in the last couple years. Obviously, Trey Quinn he only had a few games last year, so he's relatively new. Paul [Richardson] only played six or seven games with us last year. So we don't have a lot of experience, a lot of production at the receiver group coming back, but we're counting on them that they'll show up in a big way.”


On RB Wendell Smallwood’s role and on how many running backs will be active on Sunday:

"Yeah, we'll make that decision, but I think that's the case, yes. I think that if you dress only three running backs, one of them needs to play some kind of special teams. If you dress four, then obviously one of them has to play special teams. So we'll make that determination. If we go four running backs, three tight ends, four tight ends, seven linemen, we might be short at linebacker we'll see. That's something we'll have to talk about."


On dressing six wide receivers:

“I doubt we’ll dress six, but we’ll have to make that decision as well. Special team teams will play a big part of it. Paul Richardson [Jr]’s health plays a big part of it. I was excited to see him run today. It looks like he's on pace to be ready full go for game day. So we’ll make that decision come Friday, Saturday.”


On G Brandon Scherff evolving and becoming a leader:

“He leads by example for sure. He leads with his work ethic in the weight room, in the meeting room and then on the practice field. He’s the first one out there. He works extremely hard, he’s very smart and diligent in what he does. Accountable in the way he act in the meeting rooms. Great leader, natural leader, physical player. He’s what you when you’re coaching offensive line, a guy like that; smart, tough, physical and talented. He’s one of the best pullers in the game a very physical. Not a lot of negative things you can say about Brandon Scherff. He brings a lot to this football team both on and off the field.”


On CB Fabian Moreau will play in Week 1:

“I don’t know. That’s probably a long shot. We’ll have to wait and see though.”


On who will step up if Moreau can’t play:

“We still have, obviously, Josh Norman and Quinton Dunbar, [Greg] Stroman and DRC [Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie] and obviously Jimmy [Moreland].”


On if the team has elected captains at this time:

“No, we’re likely going to do game captains for the first few weeks. We have so many new guys here, we want to make sure people vote on the right people, get to know people – how they play, how they react, adversity, games, all that stuff.”




QB Case Keenum





On the challenge of playing the Eagles:

"I mean what's not a challenge? This is Philadelphia Eagles on the road. I mean I could sit here and name off the defenders on their team, but you guys know all of them. They have a proven track record of what they can do. Being at home, it's tough. That crowd is a really, really tough crowd. It's a hostile environment to go play. We got some young guys on our side of the ball, but heck, nobody is talking about us, nobody expects much from us. I think it’s a pretty good place to be in, man. I think we got a lot of fight in that locker room, especially on our side of the football. So I'm excited to go out there and show what we're about."


On combating the elements of playing in Philadelphia on the road:

"I mean there's a lot of things. There's a lot of things and there's simple things, man. Just go do us, go do what we do. Guys in that locker room, guys who played, played a lot of football. Maybe not in the NFL – some of the younger guys, but it's what they've been doing since they could walk. We've all been throwing and catching, and blocking and tackling, so I'm excited. It's a fresh start, fresh season and it's a heck of a challenge Week 1, and we're going to come out guns blazing." 


On what he looks at first when analyzing a defense on film:

"It's a lot of things, you look at a team to study it to know their personal. You want to know what they do well, what they don't do well, where they line up on certain situations, certain formations and then you look at how they cover things, what type of pressures they have, they've shown a lot of different things and it's a really good defense. They've played together for a long time. They're very quick with their checks and they are rarely out of position, so we have a heck of a challenge, all of us identifying – not only identifying what they are trying to do, but making sure that we are able to execute and get us all on the same page."  


On what he has seen in training camp and the preseason that makes him believe that the team has a chance to win in Week 1:

"I've seen a lot. You guys if you've been here, you’ve seen it too. We have guys making plays all over the field. Receivers: Terry [McLaurin], Paul [Richardson Jr], Trey [Quinn], young guys coming up, two that have made some real big plays and made some big strides from just the spring when I've been here and even more so from the film that I watched last year on them. Tight ends: Jordan [Reed], ‘Vern’ [Vernon Davis], ‘Sprink’ [Jeremy Sprinkle], you know, all those guys. I've got faith in all those guys. That's probably one of the better tight end rooms in the league. Offensive line has gelled really well. [Assistant Head Coach/Offensive Line] Bill [Callahan] is a great offensive line coach and has prepared those guys for any and every situation. So, how ever that shakes out, those guys are going to be ready for the task. Whatever fronts, you know different things that they bring at us. For me, as far as my preparation, I've seen a trend upward of where I want to be. So, I'm really excited about that. I love the offense and the system that [Head Coach] Jay's [Gruden] put together here with [Offensive Coordinator] Kevin [O’Connell] and [Senior Offensive Assistant Matt Cavanaugh] ‘Cav’ and those guys. I think we are getting on the same page and it's been a trend upward for sure. I know we'll be locked and loaded and ready to go, but I look to improve every week this year. It's an exciting time."


On working with the younger receivers and putting in extra time with them:

"Yeah, we've done everything we can. We're going to do everything we can. That's' why we come in early, that's why we leave late, that's why we practice, that's why we watch film, all those things. A lot of it is going to come in between the lines on Sundays. It's the experience; it's priceless. Each week we are going to continue to grow and get better. But I look for those guys – one, they're hungry, they want the ball and they want to learn. There's a lot of communication going on, so we've talked through a lot of different looks, and we're going to keep getting new looks and new plays and new ways to attack different types of defenses and it’s kind of an ever-growing – it's kind of like a living thing, man. And this thing just keeps growing, this chemistry, there's a lot of different words for it, that we have as an offense and I think it's going to continue to grow." 


On how much the last game against the Eagles is still in his mind heading into this matchup:

"Not much. I talked about it the other week, but that was more so motivation in the offseason when I needed to do an extra rep or an extra set or something. I haven't thought about it this week at all."


On how long it took to get over the loss to the Eagles in the 2017 NFC Championship game:

"Yeah, it took a while. It was tough. It's been a long time since then. It's a new team, its a new year and that's what is so great about the NFL. Every year there's no telling what's going to happen and who is going to be where and the predictions that are made and who's supposed to be good and who's going to be this. There's just no telling and that's just what's so much fun about this league and why on any day anybody can go out there and beat anybody else." 


On if not having T Trent Williams has hindered the development of the offensive line:

“I don’t think so. I can’t speak to the situation that’s going on, I can only speak to what’s going on here. The guys that are here, it’s been really good. The communication there has been really good.”


On his confidence in the offensive line and T Donald Penn:

“We’ve got a lot of starts on that offensive line across the board. He’s blocked a lot of people over a series of different decades. Not to throw him under the bus there, but that’s pretty cool. To have him on the backset there, I know what we’re going to get from him and he’ll be ready to go.”


On which receiver he thinks will surprise people this season:

“I don’t know. I’ll let you all find out. A lot of guys and who knows what path some guys go. I’ve been around a lot of guys who show up differently on game day. It’s just something where they play with their hair on fire, they show up everywhere. It’s cool to watch. Who knows.”


On potentially not having TE Jordan Reed available on Sunday:

“That’s the NFL for you. It’s not if somebody gets injured, it’s when and that is an unfortunate thing about this league. Training staff is doing a great job, he’s working his tail off to get back. It’s a tough deal, but we’ve got a lot of guys in that tight end room that I feel really good about (inaudible).”


On if the offense changes without Reed:

“Certain things change. He’s an experienced guy that’s played in this offense for a long time. I think everybody does certain things well. You’ll have to ask coach though. This is pretty new to me too.”


On using his last game in Philadelphia as motivation for this Sunday: 

“I don’t think so. You play in this league long enough and you’re going to have memories in every stadium. I think this year I’m crossing off all 32 plus a few extra. There’s good feelings and bad feelings in all. You just have to move on and go on to the next one.”


On his reaction to WR Josh Doctson getting released: 

“I was really curious to see how that was all going to shake out because that room, like I said before, it’s as deep as a room as I’ve been around. It’s a tough competition to get into this league at receiver. I think very highly of Josh [Docston]. I think he’s going to go and have a long career and be really good. Sometimes a fresh start is really good for somebody. I’ve had a couple fresh starts and it’s nice to come into a team that really wants you if you get cut. I look for him to have a big year, excited for him as a fresh start. Brian Quick was another one who I’ve spent a lot of time with. It’s just tough, tough in this league. It’s a tough league and you wish there was more roster spots for everybody, but there’s not. I thought he had a great camp and competed.”


On the inexperience at wide receiver:
“They’ll have experience come Sunday . It’ll be a good way to start.”


On his advice to the young receivers heading into the game on Sunday:

“Be prepared, be in your book, know your plan. Come in here every day and put everything you’ve got into it everyday (inaudible). We’ve got a great system in place. They’ve just got to trust it, I’ve got to trust them, trust the offensive line and just go play.”




Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach Doug Pederson

Conference Call with D.C. Media


On WR DeSean Jackson's potential impact this upcoming season:

"He brings an element that we've missed at least since I've been here in the last three years, which is the speed factor. I think he still has great burst and quickness. He's a veteran receiver. He just knows how to play the game. For him, just coming back and fitting into our system, we didn't have to do anything real special with him. We just wanted to get him in our system, get him caught up with our terminology and just let his talent take over."


On if Jackson will play on Sunday:
"Yeah, he'll play."


On the challenge of preparing for a team with a lot of young players:

"It's a hard thing because there isn't a lot of tape. We just have to focus on our preparation. We've got to go back and look at previous games. Obviously, you can look at the preseason and that might give you a little indication. Quite frankly, we just have to focus on what we're doing and our preparation. Not only this week, but I think that carries over to every week. We've got to go play. It just comes down to how we prepare this week."


On the matchup between the Philadelphia offensive line and Washington defensive line:

"This is a good [defensive] front. Quite honestly and this is not to blow smoke, but this is probably one of the better fronts we'll face all season. They're aggressive, they're long. Their two-gap type players, we know what Ryan Kerrigan can do and with the addition of Montez Sweat who is a long, lean athlete who is a really good speed rusher – this is about as good as it's going to get for us. It's a great challenge for our offensive line. Just like I mentioned earlier, it is just going to come down to our preparation this week and understanding how they want to defend us. That's kind of what it boils down to. This is a really good front for us to face this early in the season.”


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17 hours ago, TK said:

On what Guice did to prove that he deserves to be the starter:

"Well, he was our second-round pick.




If we go by that logic alone, shouldn't Haskins be starting ?

I'm not pushing for Haskins to start, but rather wondering whether it might be too early to pass the torch from AP to the "inexperienced, rehabbing" Guice, almost completely and immediately. Maybe Guice is ready for the motherload, but maybe not.

Edited by Malapropismic Depository

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2 hours ago, Malapropismic Depository said:


If we go by that logic alone, shouldn't Haskins be starting ?

I'm not pushing for Haskins to start, but rather wondering whether it might be too early to pass the torch from AP to the "inexperienced, rehabbing" Guice, almost completely and immediately. Maybe Guice is ready for the motherload, but maybe not.

This was a bad answer. 


For some reason Gruden is down on AP.  He doesn’t want to play AP and it’s clear as day.  


I dont know why.  That was a bad answer

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