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So who do we keep?And who do we get rid of?And who to draft?


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I think our Qb situation is probably set for next year despite how bad Tim played Sunday...With a healthy Ramsey coming back,we should all feel much better already!Of course,the question is probably Hamden since we didn't even look his direction in one of the most worse QB performances I ever saw...( hey gives some credit where credit is due I guess)....(At least spurrier is learning to stick with his man through the good and bad times)haha

We need a RB....One that can at least played 16 games of a season!I love Trung,Betts,Morton,Rock and even simon and Sulton....But we need a more durable ack that not only has the speed to take it to the house,but one that can take a pounding as well....Honestly,The Rock showed me Sunday that he might be the best overall back on the team....He's a keeper!I just don't know about the others however?They all have their own intangables!I would like to keep Trung since we through out a 4th rounder for him....At least for 1 more year!And Morton since he cost us a 5th and we need his returning abilty aside from this last Sunday!Hate to say it but the last spot should go between Sulton or betts...But Sultan hasn't played much and betts can't play without getting hurt!That leaves Trung,Rock,morton and (sultan or betts) and a drafted RB or free agent!(Rock is counted as a FB if you were wondering....Cause Bryan johnson has to go!!

Again!RB's=Trung,Morton,Sultan or Betts and Draft pick or free agent!FB=The rock!

I really like our WR core!Coles,Gardner,McCants(RFA),Johnson,Russell,Jacobs...Russell may have seen his last days as a redskin though...Can't stay healthy at all!I would like to keep McCants if we can!Apparently Ganggreen is getting all hot and bothered by the fact that McCants is attainable next season and they want a big guy!And he seems to fit their Bill!I really want to see what Jacobs can do next year....He must get some playing time....Gardner is a guy I personally would like to trade....(But don't hate me for that)I don't seem him as any better than McCants,and he really makes some stupid penalties at bad times!

I realize he was our #1 draft pick a few years ago,so I would want some compensation for him...He,In my opinion is perfect trade bait!Cause we got jacobs just sitting there ready to be used!So other than Russell(who needs to go and maybe trade gardner if the deal is right) I like having Coles,McCants and jacobs as our fun bunch...Patrick is pretty good and we might want to keep him but I think he is a free agent,isn't he?Either way,I don't see us as desperate at the WR position and think they are pretty good!Maybe some slight few changes,but not much!

Tight Ends=In my opinion (next to DL)this is the worse spot on the team!Boy do we badly need a good TE!He doesn't even have to be a Hall of famer or anything...Hell give me back Don warren!Just give me somebody?That position is pathetic...So many teams have decent to good TE's and just when I start to think their not that important,we get burned by one or I see one making huge plays for their respected teams!And I'm not even talking about gonzo or heap or sharpe or so...I'm talking about guys like Whitten,or McMichael or chad lewis Kleinsaucer(even though he's more of an H-back!)It's just terrible...If we draft Winslow this year I may be the only one happy,but I guarentee it would give our Offense a boost!!!I'm so tired of seeing our TE's drop passes right to them or even catching it and then fumbling it!(mr flem)

If we don't draft one,we better try to get a respected TE in free agency or we might see the doom and gloom again next year...We need an emergency dump off guy like most teams seem to have and we don't have one!However,I still think we should hold on to royal cause he's very young and I see potential in him,too!But we need a starter!! period!

Our o-line=I really don't know what to say other than I'm very disappointed in all of them with the exception of maybe Thomas and Brandon whiney and maybe even Dockery!I've never seen a line degress as much as they have over the course of a season or 2....A part of me wants to think that we still have the probowler in Samuels and a very good Jansen...and the other part of me wants to scrap them both and start from scratch....one thing is for sure!Their no Lachey and jacoby!!But anyways...I like what i have seen in Dockery and even whiney for sure...Fiore may be on his last legs....and we need a center for sure cause moore isn't gonna cut it!Otherwise,this is something I don't even know where to start!I guess we could start from who are the one's standing arround?Ya...Start from there!!

D-line=Probably the biggest turnover of the season which is a must anyways!I would try to keep Russell,Hosley,dalton...Russell needs time to shape up and holsey and dalton have made plays here and there...Thank god Bruce is going cause he is more of a birden than an asset to this team!The others...Upshaw,wynn and jermaine...Hard to say?really?Our line sucks so bad I have a hard time pin-pointing who needs to go...But one thing is for sure!We either need to draft a DE or sign one out of free agency to replace Mr cell phone!That alone will be an upgrade! then we can have 4 guys trying to stop the run rather than our 3-3 we've been playing since 2000!hahahah!I do think our DT's are better than our DE's for sure!But I don't think we need to draft 1 in the first round if we can do well in free agency....But we should try to nab one in one of the top 3 rounds if possible!Either way...This position needs to be upgraded BIG TIME if were gonna stand a chance in the future!!We don't even need 4 studs like the bucs...But we do need at least one guy that can give OT's and QB's fits all year round...That alone will help our Defense and probably result into more turnovers for our Defense!

CB's=Okay...The fun position to talk about...Smoot is definately a keep...I hope he's no longer on the Trade block?Probably not...Since Champ might be wearing different colors next season!Either way...We need to prepare for the worse case scenario...Him leaving and us without a true shutdown corner on the other side....Simple?Replace him with someone out of free agency...There are alot of Corners that are FA's this coming year and we need to be all over it...Problem is?This Champ thing could drag on...and ....on and on...and we could miss out on a top tier corner to replace him if need be...So I say we should act immediately just in case...One that might be servicable as a starter in case champ leaves and one that would play the nickel role if he stays...Eitherway...I don't think the backups that we have are all that great to fill in anyway!It wouldn't hurt to have a good nickel back like Terrell buckley(dolphins)Example...to have on your team...I guess the real question is...could we find one that would be content in playing the nickel role in case we kept Champ...I don't know?How would you like to have Charles woodson and Champ Bailey on the same team?Is it possible...Depends on what money Woodson would demand...another example!Either way...If were gonna lose the "greatest corner to ever play the game"Champ then this would be the year to do so!!As much As I would hate to see us blow a 1st on a corner this year,it now seems like a possibilty....Doubtful....but possible?and if it comes down to that...I would like that guy to be strait from Oklahoma!But I don't see that happening at all....

Linebackers=This one is a touchy issue all around the board....Some say we have the best Linebacker core in the game,yet when we watch we all know that it is not true!Maybe in Madden 2004,but sure not in real life!I like armstead,but he is getting older and older by the day....And Trotter is not only playing below expectations,but is coming off that bad injury and is signed till armegeddon!I do have a feeling that trotter could be the odd man out,but I'm not sure of the cap ramification on his trade or cut!But we do have linbackers I would like to see more of...Pierce and is it nic clemons from georgia?Either way,we still have the monster in Arrington and I think were at least ok in those regards...But it wouldn't hurt to take a look at this position!

Is it me or would Arrington be better at the middle linebacker role than on the outside?If we do lose Trotter,then I would move Arrington to MLB and try to hold on to Armstead and bring someone up that has much potential!Could there be a trade for one in the future?HMMMMM.....I don't know...This is the one position that is hard to grade cause our D-line is so pethetic....How can you make plays as LB when O-lineman are in your face every play?I guess that's why the D-line is so important right now?

Safety's=I like Ohalete and bowens,but I've seen some really bad performances and some really good one's....I think their play could be better but when teams have all century to throw the ball anyone could look bad...I do think their worth keeping just to see if it was a bad year for everyone....Of course then their sean Taylor...The men of men...6'3" 230+ pounds....How can you let this guy go?I'm not sure if we could just go with one safety(being him) and put him on an island!If he is on the board it would be quite tempting to pick him and definately worth it if we lose Champ and have no replacement for him....I do think that Ohalete is the better of the two(meaning Bowens)So a Ohalete and a sean taylor wouldn't look to bad in the safety spot!Question is...do we have other major needs besides spending a 1st on tayor?Yes we do...However,every draft pick is almost a crap shoot and you really never know who will show up to make a difference...Sean tayor might look pretty good in Burgendy and gold next season!

Kicker=were in good shape....John Hall is the man!!period...Best kicker we've had since lohmiller...Of course we did have akers on our team...what happened there?

Punter....Pretty simple if you ask me...Barker is old and has to go and we need a punter pretty bad....I would look to see if groom is still available or maybe even a rodney williams or so....I don't think we can help but upgrade at that position....just by getting someone else!

Well there you have it...Just a simple overview of what we might need to do in the offseason....

My 1st round draft pick selection this year?Either Sean taylor or Kellon winslow JR.

As both could step in right away and start immediately on this team...I think winslow is the more diar need,but taylor may just flat out be a stud!

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The space bar is our friend michael_33.

QB: Ramsey, FA, Hasselback

RB: FA/Draft, Trung or Betts, Morton

FB: Rock, Johnson

WR: Coles, Gardner, McCants, P Johnson

TE: FA/Draft, Royal

LT: Sameuls, Winney

OG: Thomas

C: Friedman, Moore

LG: Don't know who starts - Fiore, Dockery

RT: Jansen

DE, DT, DT, DE: FA/Draft, Keep one or 2 from this year

LBs: Same

CBs: Franchised Bailey, Smoot, FA/Draft, Bauman

Safties: ?

K: Hall


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