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Press Release: #REDSKINS QUOTES - Gruden, Keenum


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August 25, 2019


Head Coach Jay Gruden




On what he saw from the quarterbacks in the third preseason game:

"Both of them did some good things again, some things we need to clean up. But, I think as it stands right now, we'll start with Case [Keenum] at the opener and Dwayne [Haskins] will get himself ready to play and we'll go from there. Anytime you come in as one or two or three quarterback, you’ve got to get yourself ready to play at all times."


On which quarterbacks will see action in the final preseason game:

“We’re going to talk about that as a staff as far as substitutions, but Dwayne [Haskins] has to be up and ready to roll. Jalan [McClendon] will be up as well. Probably those two will get some work.”


On what Keenum showed him to prove that he is ready to be the starter:

“They both showed a lot. Case [Keenum] has come in here and picked up the offense extremely well, had great confidence and command over the team – they both have. At the end of the day, I think we have great confidence that Case can lead us to a win against Philadelphia.”


On if there is an update on TE Jordan Reed:

“No, no update.”


On if Reed is in the concussion protocol:

“He’s in protocol so he’s getting checked for that. Until he gets cleared by the independent doctor and he feels better then he will be in that until he gets cleared and then he’ll come back to practice.”


On if there is worry about Reed’s long-term health considering his history with head injuries:

“I can’t say one way or the other. Right now, it’s just about getting him well. That’s all we care about right now. He’s got to go through the necessary steps to do that. Once he’s well, I don’t have any concern that this will linger because he’ll be well.”


On if there is an update on CB Fabian Moreau: 

“He’s going to have to an appointment Tuesday, I believe, get checked out again.”


On if Moreau’s injury is a high ankle sprain or a low ankle sprain:

“It’s an ankle” 


On if Moreau will play Week 1:

“We’re going to wait and see Tuesday. We’ll have a better idea Tuesday.”


On what Haskins needs to do going forward in the next couple weeks:

“He has to continue to prepare like he is the starter because he’s one play away from going into the game against Philadelphia. He’s got to continue to prepare and get better, which I know he will do. That’s every quarterback, that’s every position on the field, whether you’re a starter or not you have to prepare like you’re a starter. When you’re number is called you’ve got to be ready to go.”


On what Haskins has to do to improve:

“He’s a young player, obviously. Just learning the system for the first time. Case [Keenum] has been in some pro systems before. Played in games, 44 games I believe as a starter. He’s been to the playoffs. Experience factor is something that you really lean upon and then of course Case has been productive in practice and some of the games. As far as Dwayne is concerned, you just have got to continue to work and get these reps –mental reps, physical reps and just continue to build on his performance day after day.”


On if finally naming a starting quarterback will help the offensive line:

“Both quarterbacks [are] fine. We’re doing a better job on the left side of the line. We’ll continue to do better. Donald Penn had a decent game. [Ereck] Flowers had some rough patches in there, but he’ll get better. It’s his first time playing guard. Some other guys got to come in there and fill in at times as well. From a continuity standpoint, the team will rally behind whoever is back there. The defense is playing at a high level. They will continue to do that no matter who the quarterback is. They just play defense. Offensive line is going to block for whoever is back there. Running backs are going to run and receivers are going to catch. We feel good about where we’re at with Case [Keenum] and we feel great about the development prospects of Mr. Haskins.”


On if the quarterback competition will continue into the regular season even though he named a starter for Week 1:

“You’ve got to produce, without a doubt. We anticipate Case [Keenum] producing. He produces, he’s got nothing to worry about. Moving forward we intend on Case being the guy.”


On if there is an update on QB Colt McCoy:

“He’s doing better. He’s just working with the trainers and the strength staff.”

On how long McCoy will held out of practice:

“I don’t know. I don’t know how long that will be.”


On his reaction to Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck retiring:

“I really didn’t make anything of it. He’s not on my team. Andrew is a great player. He has reasons for doing what he did, but I don’t know what they are. I didn’t really read about it. I think you always have to have depth at every position and quarterback is no different. We feel good about the depth we have at our position right now.”


On if there are injury updates for LB Jordan Brailford or CBs Adonis Alexander and Domonique Rodgers-Cromartie:

“They’re O.K. Brailford is still a couple weeks away, probably. Adonis [Alexander] practiced today.”


On who would start in the slot cornerback position if Moreau is not available:

“We have [Greg] Stroman who has played in the slot and Jimmy Moreland. He’s been outstanding in the slot so we’re O.K.”


On the shock of Luck’s retirement:

“Yeah for sure. You don’t anticipate that, especially the timing of it. Nobody knows Andrew’s body like he does and some of those injuries can take it’s toll, mentally and physically. I can’t speak for Andrew [Luck] but I know that I appreciated watching him play for the years he played. He’s been a great quarterback, great competitor and I know that he wouldn’t give up football unless there was a great reason for it. 


On how many times he has played Luck:

“I don’t remember directly. I know we played them last year and they beat us. I don’t remember.”



QB Case Keenum




On his reaction to being named the starting quarterback in Week 1:

"I'm excited. I really am. I don't take it lightly, the opportunity, the position that I'm in to be a Week 1 starter. You know, I've been there before and I know that it's a tough job and there's only 32 of them. I'm very honored to wear the Burgundy, to be the Redskins quarterback. I'm excited to continue to earn the right to be the leader for this team, to be the quarterback for this team. That's what I want to come in here every day and earn that right."


On if it takes on a different meaning that he is getting this opportunity at this point in his career:

"No. I'm going to be who I am no matter what the situation is. I assure this team, I assure the fans of this team, I assure anybody that cares that I'm, going to give everything I got, no matter what. That's who I am, that's the competitor, that's in my DNA, that's my nature, and it’s what I’m going to do. I am going to give everything I’ve got every day. Whether its practice, weight room, film, meetings, studying, practicing, playing – I’m going to give everything I’ve got. And that’s hands down what I'm going to come in and do every day." 


On if any of his teammates said anything to him after the announcement was made:

"Yeah, there were a few. But it's business as usual. We've got a big test coming up and this will be a good week for us to really make sure we’re batting down the hatches of the little things we want to correct and get all on the same page before we really start game planning and getting ready to go to Philly."


On if his mindset changes now that he knows he is the starter:

"No, my mindset doesn't change. It's going to be the same no matter what."


On if he drew on his past experiences during the quarterback competition this preseason:

"Yeah, I always draw on past experiences. I think that's what's makes us who we are, you learn from those things. So I've learned from what I've done well in the past and I've learned a lot more from what I've not done well. That goes with everything, with being the job of starting quarterback. That goes with how you prepare, how you practice, how you treat people, how you come into the building after a bad day, how you come in here and talk to [the media]. Every little thing I do has been something I've done in the past and learned from whether it was me or somebody else. So yeah, I'm always learning from my past."


On if the fact that his 2017 season ended in Philadelphia adds any more significance to the Week 1 matchup:

"Yeah, I remember the feeling I had walking off that field."


On what that feeling was like: 

You know I don't know if I can really put it into words, but I've used it and I plan on using it and continue to use it. It's not a good feeling to get that close to what you dream of, what everybody dreams of and to not be able to get to that next step, when it’s one step away. It was tough. It was tough. But, I'm definitely motivated 


On how not having a defined set of starters in the preseason compared to previous camps he has been a part of:

"That's a great question. I've been in so many situations. In Minnesota, I barely got any of the reps in OTA's or training camp with the ones. And then Week 2 I was thrust into the starting position and started for the next 17 games to the NFC Championship. We were able to on the fly, kind of mesh and find out our identity and what we were good at, and be able to talk through with those receivers and learn how they did. For us, I've gotten mixes and matches of different personnel groups and guys in and out whether coming back from injury, kind of getting nicked up, whatever it is, rotating with the reps. I know for a fact that when it comes down to November, December, those games down the stretch where it really, really, matters, sometimes you don't know who is going to be in the huddle with you at that point because it’s a long NFL season. So, the reps that we get with everybody out there, those are priceless. I've put everything I could into those reps and those guys are working their tail off too. So, I think it's really good that not only have I gotten really good reps with Jordan [Reed] and Josh [Doctson], Paul [Richardson Jr.], Trey [Quinn], all those guys. But, even some of the rookies coming in and some of the other guys that may not be running with the ones every week, I’ve gotten some really good reps with them too. So, I'm comfortable throwing the ball to anybody."


On the continuity along the offensive line:

"Yeah same thing, I think [protection-wise], the communication that happens between us – with Chase [Rouiller] it's obviously been really, really good but I spend a lot of the time with ‘Bergy’ [Tony Bergstrom] during OTA's and starting camp. So, there between the center and the quarterback has been really good. But all those guys on out to the tackles, you know rotating some of those guys, just the way that they are able to maybe time up my snap count and hear my communication with protection calls and different checks and alerts at the line of scrimmage, I think is going to continue to get better and better."


On if he still thinks there will be a quarterback competition during the regular season: 

"I mean y'all do what you do and put labels on things. For me, I compete with myself every day. If you're going to come into the locker room and try to play me in ping pong, I'm not letting you have a point. Unless I'm playing Tress Way, or Dustin [Hopkins], or Nick [Sundberg], or those guys, I used to be able to brag about it until I got in this locker room. But, that's who I am. That's the competitor I am. So, I compete every day. That's another thing that's in my core. That's something that's not going to change; you're going to get the best out of me no matter what. That's why I want to continue to earn the right because every day is a new day. You got new chances out there every day to represent yourself, to lead the team and to move forward."


On if he wants to play him in ping pong after the press conference:

“Whenever, man. I actually want to go Spikeball.”


On his reaction to Indianapolis Colts QB Andrew Luck announcing his retirement yesterday: 

“Very shocking. I watched his presser last night. You could tell it was very emotional for him. It’s a tough thing. It’s something I’ve told guys recently, in the last year or so that when you’re a kid growing up, wanting to play in the NFL – I remember my teacher being like, ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ I want to play quarterback in the NFL. They don’t tell you about a lot of the other things like fans booing you when you’re walking off the field for the last time. The injuries, the toll – the mental, the physical, the emotional toll it takes on you and your family. His family may have been up in the stands listening to that too. We get paid a lot of money and people have their opinions about us, but his family was probably at that game too. It’s tough and I feel for him. He was in my draft class. Obviously, a talented player. One of those guys that’s once in a decade comes along that can play like he does. I have so much respect for him. Totally understand where he’s coming from and what he’s been through. At the same time, I don’t know some of the stuff. I don’t think there’s anything to fault there. He’s played his heart out. You can see it on film. Just the way he runs the ball. As a quarterback, me, I’ve tried running it a little too. He plays the game how it should be. I respect his decision and wish him all the best.”


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