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0-6 Start, Tell Me It Can't Happen, Please....

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24 minutes ago, TheBlueIndian said:

That's funny I was thinking that the same thing except that we the fans are the meth addicts.

We’re the codependent mom who lets our 20 year-old kid stay in the basement and gives him an allowance even though he treats us like **** and spends the money on drugs, porn, and PlayStation.

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37 minutes ago, Veryoldschool said:


I cannot agree.  Some stupid, perversely stubborn and stupid part of me hopes that somehow the Skins will win in Miami and get on some kind of role.  Yes, of course, this wish defies reason.  My head tells me the individual units are weak and will look even worse without Gruden and the team should strive to lose 16 because that is a goal they can achieve if they manage to lose this week. 


So Callahan wants to emphasis the run?  This doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell of working, but I'm going to tune and see if it works and if it does work I'm going to be happy.  Maybe this is their plan to drop 11 eleven more.

say we finish 5-6 or even 6-5; that won't bring about the change.  Odds are Bill would get the gig, with say a 3 year contract.  


We need to finish 3-13 or worse.

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