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Case Keenum antisocial?


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On 8/10/2019 at 8:42 PM, Howie411 said:

So I've only seen this twice but I went to both OTA (very small crowd) and Training Camp (very large crowd) and Case Keenum never stopped to talk, sign autographs or take photos with anyone.   As soon as practice ended he just walked right back to the locker room ignoring everyone.

i recognize i just signed up a team's message board....but, really, how to say this?   I could not care less about the peripheral stuff in the entertainment world, sports included, anymore.  i used to when I was younger.  But nowadays, when it comes to football, I try to block ALL THE SOCIAL MEDIA, the never ending talk, the sports talk radio (which i havent listened to in a decade) and everything else and I just care about the 3 hours of the game.  like it used to be when we were all younger, before the internet.  i could not care less what case keenum did or didnt do at training camp.

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