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Remember when I said I was 4-6 and just a little shy of the points leader? 


In a crazy turn of events, I made the playoffs at 6-6 by taking the total points tiebreaker. I outscored the other 6-6 team by nearly 200 points. I also finished with the highest points in the league after back to back weeks of 136 and 154 points. 


So, basically, the most hard luck season imaginable turned around at the last minute. The #1 and #2 point scorers face off next week. 

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Really good year so far in both leagues (9-3 first place, 8-4 fourth place).  Gonna make the playoffs in both.  Had one of the ugliest wins I've ever had this week 74.8-67.1.  I made the mistake of benching Allen Robinson & Jarvis Landry (had em in daily fantasy though cuz I like to spread my assets).  I've also foolishly been starting TJ Hockensen the past few weeks, hoping he could find some of that early season magic.  Bad mistake.  Luckily I picked up Kyle Rudolph last week on waivers for $1.  He's gonna be my starting TE in the playoffs.


I think it is time to possibly find a backup for Matt Ryan.  He isn't looking right and the Falcons receivers are banged up (Julio Jones went out this week with a minor shoulder injury).  I need to look at the schedule and see who has the best matchups.  Thing is the waiver wire has slim picking.  Rivers, Brissett, Goff....not good.  Maybe I'll roll the dice with Hodges.


The other league I have Lamar Jackson - nuff said.  That trade I made mid-season was highway robbery.  Jackson, Cooks, and Freeman for David Johnson and Kirk....I still can't believe it.  Even if Cooks and Freeman have been nothing, getting Jackson turned my season around.

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On 11/28/2019 at 9:26 AM, Chew said:

In the ES league, I'm 2nd I'm points scored, but in 8th place.






I feel you. I lost a lot of close ones.


I outscored the 3-6 seeds but had the most points against for my league. 


Didn't outscore my opponents kicker/defense combo the entire year. Would've won 5 more games if I could've matched my opponent's production in that regard. 


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My QB situation is terrible for this week, currently I have Minshew (Jac) @ Oakland starting with Cousins (Min) @ LA Chargers on the bench.


Should I ride with Minshew, or start Cousins?  Or should I pick up any of these options available:

Brissett (Ind) @ NO

Manning (NYG) vs. Mia

Rivers (LAC) vs. Min

Carr (Oak) vs. Jax


Also, which 3 RB's should I start (PPR):

Lindsay (Den) @ KC

Mostert (SF) vs. Atl

Singletary (Buf) @ PIt

Montgomery (Chi) @ GB

Laird (Mia) @ NYG

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On 11/28/2019 at 11:07 AM, Warhead36 said:

I'm 10-2 and tied for 1st with two regular season games left. Already clinched a playoff spot. The repeat chances are looking good. God bless Cook and Godwin for making up for Kamara and Hopkins slack.

Foreal, my first two picks in one league was Kamara and Juju. Straight bums

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Hi everyone.  


I've been in a FFL with my sister in law's husband for about 10 years.  I've never made it to the final playoffs.....until now.  Last game for all the marbles tomorrow.  Hypothetically there is a decent amount of money on the line.  I'm 12 - 3.  Guy I'm playing I beat two weeks ago and he's favored by 7 this week.


I'd be appreciative of any advice on who to play and who to sit on this last game.


Peterson and Mack are the main ones I'm thinking of elevating.  Maybe sit Landry?  How will Chubb do against the Ravens?  Which Golladay shows up?




Appreciate any insight.




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I'm going to ****ing lose my championship because two of my players got hurt in game this week. Watson had an ankle injury he played through and DJ Moore is in concussion protocol. I had a 33 point lead. 


If I had played Perriman instead of Moore, I would have had a shot. But you don't bench a top 10 guy in a decent matchup with one week left. You just don't. 

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1 hour ago, Smooters said:


Are you the 14-0 guy I just beat in the Fantasy Super Bowl? It was like the 2007 Patriots all over again...

Nah, I was playing in a league with friends I know personally and have played for years. Lost to my nemesis which makes it doubly bad.😡😡

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Managed to salvage 3rd place in my league. Sucks, my team was looking good until injuries to Stafford and Cook derailed me late. Kamara and Hopkins were disappointments but Godwin along with the aforementioned Cook were huge and mid season pick up of Jordan Howard was big too until he of course ALSO got hurt. My starting TE was Engram who was ALSO hurt, but thankfully picking up Jared Cook was big. I think the only starter I had that didn't miss games was Hopkins.


My team completely pooped the bed in the semifinal, had I won I'd have won the championship since I outscored both teams in the final. Oh well, I'll take my $50 buy in back. Good season.

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First time ever winning in fantasy for me, Micheal Thomas was a stud for me all year. My opponent only needed 7 points from Thielen last night, he got .2 points. Couldn’t believe it 

I also almost started Boone over Jarvis, it’s a PPR league. Really glad I didn’t do that 

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On 12/24/2019 at 10:40 AM, max21 said:

Why on earth would you ever do that? 

Over thinking it and talking myself into it with the idea that I could revisit the decision before kickoff. I went Xmas shopping with the fam and forgot about it until after kickoff.🤬 


The truth is, I probably wasn’t going to change the pick. I’d convinced myself pretty well,  so my only hope would’ve been just simply punking out on the pick and starting Jones because it was the safer move. Such is life.😩

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