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The ultimate betrayal!!!

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Originally posted by Die Hard

If they ever say that crap again... tell them there's no Santa Clause.

Touche DH!:notworthy

Great suggestions from all. My wife won't let me trade them Bubba, so that's out. I'm either going to make some of those subliminal tapes of HTTR and play them when they're sleeping, or I might just make a paddle w/ a big Skins logo on it.:laugh: J/K.

I wife thinks this is the funniest thing that's ever happened. I'm going to give the kids some Redskins counseling tonight. I'll give you guys an update tomorrow.

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So my son says that the Eagles have cooler shirts and he wants to cheer for that team. Then my daughter jumps in and says, "yeah, we like the Eagles now Daddy, we don't want to cheer for the Redskins anymore. They always lose anyway."

Don't parents always hope their kids don't go through the same hardships and make the same mistakes as them when they are growing up?

You've obviously done a great job parenting and now your children are starting to make educated, well thought out, decisions.

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Originally posted by Blazers21

First things first - Boo any blue stars.

Then teach them the battery toss. :D

After that, as Bufford hinted, comes depression.

At what stage does the nervous tic start? :twitch:


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