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Phat Hog

If anyone cares.... Spurrier is on TEM...

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Spurrier said there will be some restructuring and changes in the off season, but wouldn't go into specifics, says will talk about after the season.

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Spurrier admitted a few weeks ago he didn't have the answers to what ails the Skins, to beat the guy up from here on out is overkill.

It is time to turn the page on this experiment. It is the most humane outcome for everyone involved.

I have no doubt that if Spurrier returns the team will again fall short of its objectives.

His laid back style and lack of attention to detail as the Head Coach flows down to the players and means the club despite the talent will look unprepared to do battle.

A wise general once said battles are won before they are ever fought.

Our problem is we don't have a general to train and properly equip our army to do battle.

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