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Return of the King is 100% fresh. It's only 23 reviews so far, but I don't think I've ever seem one at 100% before.


Best quote so far:

"If you were to play dungeons and dragons for twelve hours straight, eat a wheel of brie and knock yourself out with a hammer, your dreams might look something like this."


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Originally posted by gbear

The only downside that I've heard anywhere is a little saddness that Sauraman (sp?) back in the Shire isn't part of the storyline anymore.

That was one of my favorite parts of the third book. I heard Jackson didn't like it, though, and it won't even be in the extended version. Oh well. I'll probably still see it. :)

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I liked the whole Saruman taking over the Shire part of the ending. It showed how Frodo and co. had changed, were no longer defenseless or helpless, and the Shire no longer needed to be protected from outside forces.

That said, the movie was long enough as it is. There was simply no room to fit it in anyway.

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Originally posted by OrangeSkin

It also has a score of 100 on metacritic. This movie is going to be absolutely sick.

The downside to all this outstanding press, however, is that if it's not mentioned among the greatest of all time, it'll be considered a letdown.

Vicious sig OrangeSkin .. funny cause i just watched it (yet again) today .. never get enough :thumb:

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